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Because I'm late on everything!
HAPPY 2017! I wish everyone good health and happiness. May everyone's bias shine bright!
This is my intro card as Fan Fiction Mod Supporter.
Woah, she is active in communities?! Lol yes, I am, secretly.
For those who do not know my name is Ashlei and I attempt to write fan fiction about Korean Idols.
Fun Facts?!
1) I'm scared of needles
-... shots are my enemy, I cry every time....
2) I'm a nursing student
-who hates biology and shots... let's see how the future works out for me!
3) I'm K-pop trash!
-Any group out there I'm pretty sure I know at least one member or one song and if I don't... I will!
4) I've been to Korea.
-Which leads into fact 5!
5) I'm conversational in Korean.
-But have yet to take the TOPIK, maybe I'll do this year.
6) I'm in love with myself and all my K-pop hoes! (Can I say that word?!)
-If you look through the pictures above they are all of me! I think I'm pretty... don't burst my bubble, I'll be quite sad!
7) I've started a girl group!
-I've posted about it once or twice I think. I might post more about them/ us once we get up and going!
I have big plans for this year and plan to be very active on Vingle so let's get along nicely, uh?
If you have any questions are just want to talk hit me up! I have no life and will respond... unless I'm asleep!
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