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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five
Taecyeon's POV Taecyeon threw the picture that Jaebeom gave him away. He saw the warehouse on fire and that was supposed to be proof that one of their men had turned against them. He shook his head, "How do you know they're not setting you up into their own trap?" He said. "Will you stop being such a bitch already?" Youngjae rolled his eyes. "Care to repeat that to my face?" Taecyeon said. Youngjae stepped up but Jinyoung held his hand in front of him, "Control your kids, will you?" JB said to Jinyoung. Jinyoung only nodded and pushed Youngjae further back. Taecyeon sighed and said, "Why would an Exo member turn on their own team?" "He had his reasons, still Wu Yifan needs to be eliminated it's the key to breaking down the Exo group." JB said. "You said he didn't want us killing the other members though right?" Nichkhun said. "Right." JB answered. "So then how do you propose we take down Exo?" Chansung said. JB looked to Taecyeon, he still didn't buy all of this and at the heart of it all Y/n was still apart of Exo. Minjun wanted to get Y/n back, some last debt to Jay, Tacyeon supposed. He wasn't opposed to them dating when they were together but he was opposed to their marriage. He spoke out against them being together most of the time, he knew it would be trouble. He told Jay that he'd get her into more trouble just by marrying her than he would if they stayed dating. Maybe Jay was just ready to have her to himself, she'd never been touched before and he wanted to be her first and her last. Yifan saw to it that, that wouldn't happen. He certainly wasn't her last, Yifan had ruined her. If Jay knew what she had become he'd be heart broken. It wasn't worth trying to break her from their clutches. "There's another one making decisions for him, he said once Yifan is dead and the three of them have left their grasps Exo will be forced to try and survive; they'll have to fend for themselves." JB said. "That still doesn't give us the security that we're not being led into a trap." Wooyoung said. "Look this is the best chance we have and we've already talked to the boss about it, okay? You're going to help us take out Exo. The girl can't be harmed though, she stays alive, in fact we're going to put her in a position to be taken by us. Once she has been Yifan will do anything to get her back." JB explained. "How do you know that?" Taecyeon said. "Because she belongs to him. Y/n Park is the official property of Wu Yifan." JB gave a slightly sadistic smile. "She doesn't belong to him. She was Jay's no one else gets to claim her like that, no one." Minjun said. "That's one thing I can agree on you with." Taecyeon said. Despite everything they had been through, Y/n was Jay's. Dead or alive, Y/n was his, his wife, his love and her first. "Fine. We'll go through with the plan but it better work or JYP will be finding a new trainee group." Taecyeon said standing up over JB. He walked past him feeling annoyed about the situation about to take place... Y/n's POV You had been pacing back and forth for a while with the arrival of the new morning. Junmyeon had called you to the warehouse for a meeting. Yifan went to go check out a call he had received. The boys were upset and frankly you were still trying to figure out why Jaebeom made an impromptu appearance when you slept with Yifan last night. It was just something familiar about the way he touched you and called you baby girl. The combination sparked your senses and had you all flustered now. "Baby girl I've been waiting for you all day." Jay's voice rang in your head. You stopped your pacing and stared out the window. "You say that everyday you come back home Jay." You heard yourself say. The vision became clearer as you stared into space. Jay had come over to you to give you a hug and kissed your forehead. It was as if you could feel it as your mind flashed back. You saw his big smile and his body pressed against yours more. "What can I say, you have me hooked." He said. "Well at least you like me." You chuckled, "What does that mean? Did the boys give you problems again?" He asked. "There's only one boy that gives me a problem and you know who he is. What do I have to do to get Tae to like me, he didn't seem to mind me before the marriage what have I done to offend?" You said. "You said 'I do'." "What, was he hoping to marry you?" Jay chuckled and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. "You're just young and innocent and he thinks that will cause a problem." He said. "How?" You mused. Jay gave a troubled sigh, he bit his lip partly as a distraction to you and the other part to think of an excuse. He kissed you softly before he said, "Our jobs are complicated and being attached to a woman is one thing but being married to one is another. It makes further complications. Our wedding was small for a reason, if I could've I would've given you something much bigger." "I don't need it, I never did I just wanted you; small or big none of it mattered as long as I got you." You smiled at him. "Promise me you'll always stay this good, no matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with." The flash back had broken yet you still whispered, "Promise." You looked down at your hand. Park Jaebeom. There used to be a tan line on your finger where a ring would've been. It was gone now but you could feel it missing. "Y/n!" Jongdae's voice came out of no where. You jumped and looked back at Jongdae. He looked at you oddly, "Have you been listening?" He asked. "No. My apologies. What's going on?" You said. He sighed and beckoned you over with a single finger. You walked over and sat down. Yifan wasn't back yet and the other members were just coming into the warehouse. Junmyeon sat before you looking very serious. "We went to check the west wing warehouse and it was burned down along with all our money." Junmyeon said. You looked at him as if he were crazy. "What?" You said. He nodded, "We got to the base and the entire place was in ruins. The guards were dead, the money we had stashed there was burned down. It's very possible that's where the bug was, all the other places were clean." He said. "Damn it so there's no proof that none of you betrayed him, he could still question it. He'll keep thinking that one of you are trying to kill him." You said. "Yeah and to top it off he's taking fucking twenty-five percent. That's bull-" "Shit. Yes I know that Chanyeol. Look let me talk to him about that but right now we have to focus on the matter at hand." You said cutting Chanyeol off. "Seems like GOT7 is making a comeback." Jongin said. "More like a message." Jongdae said. Everyone turned to Jongdae. Jongdae shrugged, "Think about it, how many groups do you know would burn money? Steal it yes but they burned down the entire warehouse and didn't take shit with them." "Makes sense, Big Bang and 2NE1 are known for doing that." Kyungsoo said. "Winner has done it a few times too." Baekhyun said. "So what's their message, that they don't give a shit about money?" Sehun said. "They're calling us out obviously but-" you started out talking but was cut off when the door opened. Yifan came storming in pissed off. The rest of Team A followed with him. He came down to the middle of the group and faced Jongin. You stood up and came to Yifan to keep him calm. "I know you saw Jackson so tell me what happened and talk fast. SM boss is pissed about the amount of money we lost." He growled. "Yifan." You said. "Quiet." He snapped at you. "Control yourself." You bit back. Junmyeon stood up and grabbed your hand he pulled you back and sat you on his lap. Jongin's eyes shifted from you to Yifan. "I just heard him say that she's with him." "She? She who?" Yifan asked. Jongin shrugged, he looked at Jongdae, "Did you find anything?" Jongdae shook his head, "We tried checking other footage outside of the bank and even across from the bank but if Sana was there she wasn't seen. We can only assume that Y/n may have been the one he was talking about." You sighed and leaned back on Junmyeon. "Yifan you know Jongin's secret now split the boys pay equally. We need everyone on board right now." You said. "On board with what exactly?" Minseok said. "It's obvious JYP's men are doing this right? They've been going after other people's territories for a while but Exo is one of a few big threats. Knocking out Exo eliminates competition and they can get their hands on SM Town's possessions. We need to stop them so we need to work together not break a part, do you understand?" You said. "How are we supposed to stand together when our fearless leader is accusing us of trying to kill him?" Kyungsoo said. "By remembering what Exo is," Junmyeon had been lightly pressing kisses to the back of your shoulder the entire time, his hands slid off your waist as you stood up and turned to look at all of them. "Exo is a family, you're all brothers aren't you. It's only natural for a person in Yifan's position to worry about his life but that doesn't change who you are. Exo is a family we look out for each other so please, work together on this don't fight each other." You said. "I have no qualms or quarrels with anyone. I'll do whatever Yifan asks." Luhan said. The boys of Team A agreed whole heartedly but it was obvious that Team B was still reluctant. They nodded silently, "Alright we need a plan." you started off. "You're not going to be a part of this." Yifan said to you. "And why not?" "You'll get hurt, I won't risk it." Yifan said. "Fuck getting hurt no way you're just going to leave me out of this." You said. "To be fair Y/n, we don't even know if they want you or not. Then again maybe they don't want you, maybe you're working for them." Chanyeol said. "That's ridiculous." Minseok said. Chanyeol shrugged, "I mean Jackson was there and Sana wasn't to be found. She sleeps around enough maybe she cut a deal." "You have absolutely nothing but a stretched out theory to support that Chanyeol. I just asked all of you to stay together." You said. "It's not like you're going to wave your arms in the air and say you're behind it all." He chuckled like you were the idiot. "And what about you, passing the blame to her like you're trying to avoid attention." Jongdae said. "No, okay enough! You have no evidence or even a solid enough reason to blame anything on me Chanyeol so can we just stay focus on the big problem at hand? GOT7 is making a move and we need to be able to fight back. We need a plan and Yifan I am going, I won't hear another word about it." You said. "No, Y/n you're not going." "You can't stop me." He walked up to you and placed his hand on the side of your neck. His other hand came to your waist. "I've worked too hard to keep you alive. You are not going and that's final. Or I'll lock you away and throw away the key." He said before he kissed you. "I'm going to help Yifan. I've killed, I've escaped nasty situations. I've been in danger before, why is this any different?" You argued. "Because this is JYP's men we're talking about. GOT7 tried to kill you before and almost did. This is more than just those little rookies Y/n. They could be after you." he said upset. "So then why leave her alone and unattended? She's in more danger without us than she would be with us." Junmyeon said. You pointed at him as if to thank him for his logical argument but Yifan seemed unmoved. You huffed and walked out pissed at him. He was keeping you away for more than just the fact that you were dealing with GOT7 and you knew it...
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I feel like suho is a traitor idk and yifan just doesn't want her to get her memories back *selfish*
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