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Legendary female Kpop group S.E.S have come out with their first single of the year.
Paradise is a catchy upbeat dance song that accentuates on the older groups age as well as the pure fun and innocence they carried back in their younger days through the dance and interesting outlay of the mv.
I absolutely love the song and the dance. In the mv the dance seems to be easy enough to copy but super elegant and fun at the same time. The mv is very interesting and holds something more in it but I can't quite wrap my mind around what exactly I'm thinking of. As for the lyrics I'll get back to since it seems that my Korean is reverting back to when I first started and I'm slowly picking things up after listening a couple of times.
So what do you guys think of this song?
The mv? The dance?
Do you like it, love it, hate it?
Do you have any thoughts yet?
Please respond below
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