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Hello everyone! My name is Heather and I am so happy to be apart of the support squad here in the K-drama community!
Like with K-pop, I am relatively new to the world of K-dramas. I've been watching them for a little over a year now but they have completely consumed my life in the process! To be honest, I never liked watching anything with subtitles because I could never keep up with it so I would end up missing half the conversations and have no idea what was happening. I only gave it a real chance when I watched a drama that my bias was in. The more I watched, and picked up on bits of the language itself, reading the subtitles became easier and easier. Now, I barely have to look at them! What else...well, I'm a pretty laid back and open individual. I love getting know people, even though I am painfully shy at first, so feel free to chat with me, if you'd like. I'm multifandom and love listening to all different genres of music. I'm open to any genre when it comes to K-dramas but I will admit...I am a sucker for a cheesy romantic comedy!
Dramas that I am currently watching/are next on my list to watch: Cinderella and Four Knights: I only have 3-4 more episodes to go and I am so torn up. You think love triangles are bad? This is like a love octagon! My heart doesn't know who to side with! Goblin: I immediately put this one in my queue when it arrived on DramaFever. The plot intrigues me so much. Plus, I love Gong Yoo. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo: This was going to be the next one I watched until Goblin arrived and took it's place but I am so excited to start this one as well.
I will be posting cards every Sunday, following @VeronicaArtino's announcement of the week's theme/genre so keep a look out for those! I'm looking forward to a great quarter with this awesome squad we have. I hope you guys have fun and I look forward to seeing your cards as well!
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can you tag me in future cards
Absolutely! 😀
I love this card. You will love goblin I am watching that one at the moment. Isn't cinderella and the four knights adorable. the lead actress park so dam...I can't believe she's 26 in real life.and then Scarlet Heart...I don't know how my feels survived this drama.... so glad to have you on my team
You sound similar to me lol I've been watching K-Dramas for almost 2 years now but I'm so in love with them it's hard not to stay attached. I watch a huge anime fan, I'm still anxiously anime fan but not a hard core as I used to be. I hated reading subtitles but I don't care anymore with dramas because it's worth it. Also I'm really outgoing and straightforward if you get to know me but when I don't know someone I'm quite and pretend like I'm invisible. I'm also a sicker for rom-coms as well! All 3 of the dramas you mentioned are great! I really love Goblin!!! 💖