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Just joining? start from the beginning Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 12 Continue reading? Part 14 Alrighty I haven't updated this story in a while and I am now working on several chapters for it....The song below when it came out I knew what I wanted to do for this story and I'm off to set it in motion. So IF YOU haven't listened to it, you can watch it before you start reading.

Jungkooks pov

She walked away and I couldnt do anything. I couldn't even offer to go with her because of my job. I was so upset with myself. When she turned around and waved at me I was taking mental pictures of her. She blew me a kiss and then slowly got smaller and then was gone. I stood there a bit longer before I turned back and went back to work.

Normal pov

The flight was so long! I kept busy but just hoped I would make it in time. Once the plane landed I quickly took a taxi to the hospital. When I got there I quickly filled out the papers and then ran to see my mom. She was still unconscious. They only gave me a few minutes before they took her into surgery. During that time I sat and waited and made a few calls. "Sarah!!!" Megan said happily into the phone "Hey, I forgot to call you when I landed." "It's ok, I totally understand. Have you called Kookie yet?" She asked "No, not yet. I'll call him in a few." "You should hurry, he is going to be busy today." "Ok then, bye megan." I said realizing what time it was there. "Bye." She said and we hung up. I quickly dialed kookie's number and it continued to ring. Maybe he was busy now. I got his voice mail. I was a bit sad. "Hey Jungkookie, I'm safely here. I'm just waiting on the surgery to be over. I hope you have a great day...and...I miss you." I wanted to cry. I wished someone could be here with me. What if she doesn't make it through the surgery. I quickly hung up the phone and started crying. This was gonna be a long night. After several minutes I had calmed down. It was perfect timing because my phone went off and I saw who it was. I quickly answered. "Hi." I said with a smile. "I'm so Sorry I missed your call." He said "It's ok I know you have to be busy." "How's your mom?" He asked and I took a deep breath. "Still in surgery. I have no clue how much longer." "I wish I was with you." "Me too." "Maybe I can convince..." I quickly interrupted him. "No, you are not messing up your schedule because of me. As long as everything goes well ill be coming back to you." "Really?" He seemed like he didn't believe me. "Yes, I mean it. If she's better I'll come finish my month there." "I will hope for that." He sounded better. "I'm really glad you called me back." I smiled. He had calmed my nerves so much. "Do you feel better?" "Alot." I glanced at the doors and saw the surgery light go off. My breath caught in my throat. "Sarah what is it?" Kookie asked "The surgery light went off." "That's good." "Mhm, I'm gonna go, I see the doctors are coming out." "Ok please call me or text me with an update ok?" "Ok, bye Jungkookie." We both hung up just as the doctors got to me.
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