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Happy Jinhong Day!!
So today, well what's left of it, is the beloved 1 or 2 maknae's and the ray of sunshine Kim Jinhong's birthday!!
Seems like just yesterday I remember seeing you in the Hey You mv but wearing a mask and me asking who that was only shortly after finding out it was you when Choeun announced your debut with the group back in 2015. Can't believe it's been two years now. Time sure does fly.
It's been great watching you grow as a person and artist and watching you become closer and closer with the rest of 24K becoming the family that you are now. You were meant to be in 24K.
Happy birthday again Jinhong. May your day be bright and the new year be the best to you. 생일 축하해요~💖🎊🎂🎉🎁🎈
Yeasss Happy Birthday Son!! ♡
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jin Hong is adorable HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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Yes he is!!
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