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Here I am, yet again with another Introduction Post! In case you don't know me, I am Emmy! I'm 28 years old, and am an avid kpop lover. I am SMtrash all over the place, and that makes me fit right in here in the SHINee Mod Team! I'm really glad that @VixenVivi allowed me to join the team! SHAWOLS FIGHTING! (not literally tho, that'd be sad) I've been a fan of Kpop for 9 years, and of Shinee since just after they debuted, during Shinee World promotions. My favorite song is Sherlock, and my favorite MV is that for Ring Ding Dong. I am really really really excited that I get to represent my SHINee Bias Minho! You will see another card from me about this adorable bean, however, I will share some great pictures with you now, because you can never have enough Choi Minho.
When I started stanning SHINee, I knew I'd never get over Minho, and through the years, it's never changed. His smile lights up the world when it seems darkest, and I'm so proud of the hard work he's put into his craft. I'm a fan of his acting as well as his music, and I'm so excited to see what this new year brings for all of SHINee! As always, please let me know if you'd like to be tagged in my personal taglist or the Loving Shawols List!
Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee! 샤이니를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다! SHINee Support- @VixenVivi @AimeeH @CrystalBlunt @JohnEvans @Eswee @merryjayne13 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre Loving Shawols! (ask to be added!) @Kpopandkimchi @AimeeH @Mercedesbenz98 @JustinaNguyen @kimnam94 @osnapitzlilred @JaxomB @deilig @LinaZhang @Kpland1122 @ShellyThiemann @yehetmyohorat99 @KpopLifeu @AmberRelynn @szewwy @sweetnothing34 @esmeraldagutirr @notgisell @Starbell808 @TerraToyaSi @kyky97 @IsoldaPazo @netchtiBates @simpsonsamantha @VatcheeAfandi99 @AlexisRiver @merryjayne13 @jojojordy2324 @KiinLyr @FruityPoptart @MaggieHolm @sphelpswiley @AlyssaGelet818 @DenieceSuit @JenGambale @Aijah @strawberrylover @ElenaP16 @Foxxyjinxx @ESwee @sherrysahar @AubriePope @Airess95 @aliciasalinas @Ivonvons @kandle779 @JohnEvans @MomoChamie @animerg13 @raenel @AngelesFraga @StefaniTre @bigbangvip2243 @pharmgirlerin @Miss148 @CynthiaForeman @themuse @Ttwolf74 @BambiTheFawn @ESwee @LilMcGriddle18 @Defy24601 @Yuki136989 @JahlaB @Keldra @HopeElizabeth @Aquatear @Kendrika @sukkyongwanser @EmilyGardner @Shericeden @YessicaCardenas @LinnyOk @EvilGenius @karinamiranda81 @JahlaB @Starbell808 @callmejessixa @AshleiRyals @B0RNHATER @StephaniePoore @abnmp76 My Peeps: @MissyKim @XoxoJessica12 @unnieARMkeY @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans @sarabear1013 @RihannaTiaMae @insfir3dd @Qilin94 @Isolate @YessicaCardenas @queenpandabunny @ReynadeKpop @EmilyPeacock @SofiaFifi @cherryconti29 @tinafalcon22 @JiYeongLeo @BulletproofV @tayunnie @AdriannaFletc @aliahwhbmida @twistedpuppy @Gaarita100 @Lexxcisco @SerenityThao @elaynethtrumpet @cloeyseuss @IsoldaPazo @falselove @Mitchix5 @SugaKookieV @DarciAragon @Emilykitetenjo @jaxomB @sukkyongwanser @LinnyOk @Parktaemi @Butterflymind @Josyy7 @imiebegay14 @mandynoona
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I would love to be added to your list girl! And the whole taglist too^^ XD
Can Do!