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Wassup my Mystic peeps!!! Kim here and I just finished the game for the umpteen time and this particular route I got was 707!!!!!
I for sure though that I was going down towards either Yoosung or Jahee. Somehow Luciel ended up taking it by storm!!!! Poor Zen!!! I hate the fact that I couldn't be with him. His jeleous side came out with a vengeance, but he did relent only to see you happy. The only thing that creeped me out was when I got a phone call from Unknown/Serean. I thought it was cool that the phone call happened, but his voice sounded so creepy!!!!!
4 down, 2 to go????? I wonder who's next!!!! If you would like to be added or removed, please let me know. Tagging my lovely Mystic buds: @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAwkward
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God, that phone call was so creepy, right? I was so relieved when 707 decided to crawl out of his hole shortly after to come for me, but it never gives you the chance to tattle... I'm on track with Jumin right now, but I think I'm gonna kinda go for 707 again next time to start experimenting with Saeran...
Oohh, have fun!!! Jumin was an interesting one! The more I think about it, I think that Searan was more creepy and that voice was not sitting right with me. Good luck with it!!!