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Here I am Darlings, fresh from my intro, to post this lovely card about my SHINee Bias, Choi Minho.
Today I'm going to be talking to you about his performance in To the Beautiful You.
Minho played the lead male, Kang Tae-Joon, a stuck high-jumper, who falls in love with Sulli (formerly of f(x)), who plays Jae-Hee a girl who is pretending to be a guy.
Starting with some gifs, ofc, I can't get over Minho's smile, and it's especially nice in this show, because it gets really bright when he succeeds at his jumping, which also makes Jae-Hee happy.
As someone who plays video games, this scene is SO BADA$$.
The fact that this is nearly completely all not Minho doesn't subtract from the coolness of the scene, or the fact that while watching, I completely believed that his character could have done this. All of the acrobatics and stunts pulled off are things that someone who does high-jump as well as Tae-Joon does, could do without a problem. The fact that I believed that Minho's character could have done this, is based on Minho's acting during the rest of the show.
He gets a classic K-Drama first meeting, with the sun-spot and everything!
I don't want to go to into the plot of the drama, for sure, if you have the chance, watch this drama! Minho is fantastic, I seriously believed his characterization as Kang Tae-Joon.
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Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee!

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This will always be a favorite ^^ OH and SHINee easter egg , look out for the Sherlock mention XD
He's now apart of my squishy squad!!! He's so adorable!!!!
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I do love this drama... I watched cause of Sulli and Minhi and I finished it very quickly, 😄😂😂
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