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Months ago, I couldnt smile I could barely talk I never slept Cause of those dreams Of you that would haunt me. Everything can be great And the next day Your tramatized. Oh, what a stupid game I wish i never played. I believed you And it got me broken. You fool of a man, But not much of even a boy. You spirted evil, That everyone cherishes. Your nothing good at all But you prase yourself in women, Whom you objectify To make up for What your truly missing. Oh, i feel bad alright, Feel bad for you Thats for sure. You smother a crowd in lies, Consuming womens hearts As you throw your drumsticks about, After you played them all. Oh, what a man you must feel like. We are sorry you feel that way. And here i am, Months have gone by. I smile each day, I follow my goals And work towards success. But please focus on ego And leave me alone. However without you, I found who i am And i built myself up. Im happier now Because without you Theres nothing holding me back. Your just a rock Without a heart And i am glad You are finally gone.