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Hello Darlings! Welcome to my very first (of many) Man Crush Mondays! Here at the K-Drama Community are excited to bring this back, every week! Look out for Fantastic Female Fridays later this week! Without further ado, let me present my first subject!


It's Lee Min Ho!

Although I know he is a common subject of Man Crush Mondays across the world, I can't help but include him in my list of Bias Actors. He was the lead in my very first K-Drama (Boys over Flowers, OFC!), and is the lead in my second favorite k-drama ever, Heirs.
Since now, everyone knows that he was in Boys Over Flowers and Heirs, Im going to mention a few of the other things hes been in over the years. Im quite particular to the drama Personal Taste, where he portrays an architect that is mistaken for being gay. The whole premise of this show is quite revolutionary for K-Drama, seeing as being gay is still considered a stigma in Korean society today. Not only would this have been a difficult role for him to play, to decide to play the part at all would have been quite a decision on the part of Minho himself, as well as his entire staff. Im proud of him for taking this role.
Now, in Boys Over Flowers, he was first lead of Gu Jun Pyo to our (heartbreaking) second lead of Yoon Ji Hoo (portrayed by Kim Hyun Joon). I love the two of them, and their chemistry on this show was fantastic.
Lastly, I want to take a moment to discuss my favorite feature of Lee Min Ho. Dont get me wrong, his smile lights up the night, but the thing I continually notice about him is that the kid has LEGS FOR DAYS. When I was watching his dramas, the main text I would send my friends is But hes so long! and then send photographic proof of his long legs to them. (Secret Fact: Thats how I got my friend to start watching Boys Over Flowers!)
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yes....lee min ho a worthy crush. lol great card
Tag tag tag!!!!!! Oh I love that man!!!!
Will do! I love him too! :)