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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Jimin's Intro
Previous Part: J-Hope's Intro
First Part: Introduction
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Warning: Sexual hints. "Hinting" at gay themes.
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Park Jimin.
The beginning of almost every mission, to be exact. He has his way of seducing anyone he comes into contact with. Brush past him on the street, or lock eyes with him and you're putty in his hands. Male or female, you're his if he so desires.
It doesn't help that his jawline can cut steal, and his lips could make plastic surgeons all over the world jealous. His hair matches that of the sky at midnight, but it's beauty isn't comparable. If looks could kill, his eyes would have to be held accountable for the death of ever human being and animal alike.
His body secretes an excessive amount of sexual pheromones, giving him both the power of persuasion and seduction. When he was young, he thought it only happened when he looked at people, but quickly realized that was not the case. Let's just say... high school wasn't easy for him.
Learning to control the secretion of these pheromones took a lot of trial an error between him and his best friends, Taehyung and Jungkook, who offered to help during their early teen years. Now, he is able to raise an eyebrow and have you follow his every command. Though, it doesn't always work. It all depends on the vulnerability of those he needs to distract. This is why he is also Plan A.
Around the guys, he bottles up all of these pheromones as to not affect them, which isn't exactly healthy for him. His body over produces them, so keeping them in causes sexual frustration, excessive sweating, headaches, fevers, and in extreme situations, fainting and spontaneous orgasms.
This is where the two youngest come back into play. He can't be a mess like that everyday, so he lets out all of those pheromones on them every so often, if you know what i mean.
The power of seduction just seemed to fit him the most. Yea yea yea "Jin woulda been betterrrr." No. Shush. ♥
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Noooo!! I don't know what you mean!!!!! Please explaaaaaaaaain!!!!!
@AnnaArai He has sex with Taehyung and Jungkook.