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Hello and what's up guys I hope you've all had and amazing New Year so far ~~ but along with the New Year the New Quarter has also begun so I thought it would be awesome to make a card laying down the rules for this community to keep it and amazing and kind place for everyone ~

- Keep It Relevant -

Since this is the BIG BANG communtiy most people when they visit here they're searching for all things BIG BANG. So please make sure when you post a card in this community that it at least mentions 1/5 members of Big Bang. Cards that are not relevant will be removes immediately and you will receive a warning if the behavior continues.

-No Bullying / Harassment -

I think this is pretty much self-explanatoty. Please be kind to others in this community. Any form of Bullying in this community will NOT be tolerated. This is a friendly and welcoming community for EVERYONE so let's keep it that way. Vingle has their own set of rules aswell that goes for every communtiy we of the Big Bang communtiy that these rules seriously so please follow them. -Vingle Community Guidelines- If you have any questions/problems about this please notify me or any of the moderation team. If you or a friend of your is having a difficult time in the community do not hesitate to notify us. We are here to help you.

-Mature Content-

We are aware that some of you enjoy to write smut and or content for more mature audiences (fanfics that include violence, sensitive topics, sexual natures, drug abuse, illnesses, etc.) which we allow in the community. BUT ONLY IF YOU PROVIDED A WARNING. This community has members of various ages so please provide warnings for anything that a person my find triggering or disturbing in any way. This is to prevent you fellow Vinglers from running into possibly triggering content. So please provide a warning before hand. If there is no warning on the card then you will be notified and the card may be taken down from the community if it is not changed to provide a warning.


Please keep careful with reposting. Please keep before hand to see if someone has already made a card with the same exact topic on it already. some members can grow tired of seeing the same content over and over again. If it's a tag/ screenshot game or something like that then it's fine. But if someone posted about Daesung on a ferriswheel and you take the same exact thing and post it with no changes then it just fill us the community with the same content...but we like to keep thing fun, different and don't be afraid to post different things.

-Fan Wars-

Fan wars are a no-no. I understand that you love your bias and or fandom. But please no fan wars here in the community. We don't need the bad vibes. Your bias/fandom is great and as long as you know how amazing they are there is no need to fight about it. Please just Be kind ♡

-Have Fun-

This is probably the most important rule of all ....HAVE FUN YOU GUYS ~ Make friends, chat, post just simply have fun and be nice to eachother.

=Thank You Everyone=

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Great card, I am ready!
I will copy that in my TOP Community!!! as I am a very "responsible" MoD!!!!! good job KWONNIE!!'My TSophia!!!💗💗💗💗