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"Seek not personal gain but pursue justice gain friends through loyalty do not hesitate to sacrifice even your own life for sake of righteousness. This is a true man." (Lee Sun Joon) Sungkyunkwan Scandal
this is just one great show i completely love it and i love micky oppa and his character :) <3
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@christy enjoy :-)♥
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ep 8 today
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@christy do u like it my feelings bt this show is really special u knw u u ever had a feeling when u love a show soooo much dat u just dont want it 2 end i just didnt want the show 2 end dats y i took a longgg time 2 complete it lol what Do you think bt it
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@saharjalpari9 yeah i know ur feeling well coz that my feeling toward winter sonata and after that personal test.and i think i attatched to this drama
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@christy Awwww chingu enjoy i knew u would like it ;-)♥
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