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Hello my lovely Melodies! Time for us to reintroduce ourselves and update you on the current crew!

Stage Name:
Reporter, but some days I feel like a writer
5'6, 5'7? I have no clue
May 30th (And now I'm the maknae!!!!!! Shall I be evil, or nice? That is the question.)
Favorite Color:
Pastels, softer colors
Favorite Korean Food or Snack:
TBH, I still haven't branched out much from the music, and have no clue what Korean foods I've eaten. But I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllly like Nori, and get weird looks for eating it by the sheet.
Do you really want me to try to pick a fave? I basically have a farm.
Favorite Groups:
Bangtan, B.A.P, VIXX, TWICE, BIG BANG (which I survived a crazy crash course on New Years Eve), EXO, CL, 2NE1, Block B, Seventeen, Got7, 4Minute, Kris, Tao, Luhan, Pentagon, ASTRO, Monsta X, EXID, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, IKON, plus a few more probably.....
UB - Ultimate Bias:
The one and only Jimin
UW - Ultimate Wrecker:
Ravi, but TOP is sneaking in there
Neat Fact:
I've been dancing for 10 years (and it doesn't show much in the practice of the week....)
Weird Fact:
Even though I've been into Kpop for about 2 1/2 years, I think I've only watched 2 dramas: Running Man and EXO Next Door
What Got You Into Kpop:
I had a friend who was dragged into it by another friend, then I spent to weekend at her house and did nothing but listen to the music constantly (literally, we fell asleep with it on in the background) and spent the waking hours watching MVs, with her forcing me to pick a bias from almost every group. Surprise, surprise. It was almost always the dancer or main dancer. I didn't bias any rappers. Until VIXX came along.....
What Was The First Group You Listened To:
Who Was Your First UB:
Who Was Your First Wrecker:
Good Question.
What Is Your Favorite KDrama:
Seeing as I haven't seen many, I'll just say Running Man.
Who Is Your Favorite Actor:
Yeah, about that whole I haven't watched many dramas? The only ones I know are Idols, and even then I probably couldn't tell you who they are.
If You Could See Someone Live Who Would It Be And Why:
The Queen CL
Side note: Does anyone else want to see her vs Beyonce? Just them together in the same room would be enough.
But anyways, I just want to see her because of who she is and what she can do! Argh!
What Is Your Ringtone? Is It Kpop?
That's another good question. I actually had to go back and look because I usually need to have my phone on silence for 90% of my day, and never remember to turn it on. But it's Fire by BTS, FYI.
First Album Purchased:
Who Is Your Wallpaper? AND THE PROOF:
Both of my babies, Chim Chim and my cat
Why KpopINT:
The crew is a wacky group of people who get the obsession and it can get pretty intense. Especially in the middle of spams or when someone *cough*mostrecentlyme*cough* doesn't recognize an Idol and sends a screenshot of their face then has to survive a hardcore education

If you were stranded on an island with a kpop group or person, and one of the staff members, who would it be and why.

1. Saylinn (BIG BANG. I'd be surviving then)
2. Jojo (EXO)
3. Nana (CL)
4. Shey (BTS)
5. Taemi (B.A.P)
6. Sky (BTS)
It was all a gut feeling. Plus Saylinn can have chill, Jojo could teach me the ways of the choco abs, Nana could do my makeup and make me be poppin with CL. And Shey, Taemi, and Sky were all just gut feelings. I need more people to dance with!

On a scale from KpopBeat to Nana with Sail in the middle, what's your beauty knowledge?

Little bit behind Nana. I mean, I dance and have a crap ton of makeup, and know how to use all of it. I can be pretty cute somedays.

On a scale from KpopBeat to Sail with Nana in the middle, how much do you fangirl?

Right with Sail. I for sure fangirl a lot and sometimes it even happens during math tests....

On a scale from Nana to KpopBeat with Sail in the middle, how many actors do you know?

Is there a "less than Nana" option? Please love me Jojo!

Ok, now I wanna know. Who do y'all ship me with?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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KpopINT Fam:
KpopINT Official Taglist~
we need to work on your kdrama and actor knowledge my little grasshopper.... you had sail bigbang bootcamp.... now it's time for actor/drama bootcamp
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i need to give the whole group a ceash course
It is nice to meet you and I think being nice with a little evil is great! Please tag me. Thank you!