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This chapter gets a little crazy so if you need a recap find all the previous chapters here! WARNING: Mild violence
Jungkook stuffs his face relentlessly, not even tasting the food he knows Jin worked so hard on. There was a part of him that felt bad but if the only thing he could do was eat to avoid talking then he would do exactly that. His eyes don’t leave his plate but still he knows Jimin is staring at him. Jungkook can feel the piercing eyes on him and strangely it rouses something in him other than guilt. Jungkook knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help but shift his gaze up in Jimin’s direction. The grief in Jimin’s eyes slams into Jungkook like a ton of bricks as they make eye contact. For a second it’s like the world is nonexistent and Jungkook sinks into the gaze letting it envelop him. Before Jimin breaks the gaze and drops his head, Jungkook sees it... Something beneath the grief in Jimin’s eyes. Jungkook doesn’t stop staring at Jimin, his eyes widened in shock at what he just saw. Despite all that he did to Jimin, despite all the pain, Jimin still loved him. Beneath all the heartbreak and pain Jimin still held him dear. The realization almost brings Jungkook to tears right then. While Jungkook was busy playing with Taehyung, Jimin was always loving and thinking of him. Every time Jungkook was hurt, every time he was in any sort of trouble Jimin was there doing anything he could. Oblivious to how Jungkook was playing with him, Jimin put everything into their relationship while only asking for Jungkook’s attention and when Jungkook ignored him he only tried harder. Even now, in the midst of his anger and depression he loved Jungkook. Jungkook’s hand shakes and he bites his lip as his heart feels like it’s breaking in half. He had someone who loved him unconditionally and he gave it up like it meant nothing. Now Jimin was hurting because of him. It was his fault...all his fault. “...Jungkook?” Jungkook closes his eyes, trying to block the voice he didn’t want to hear, not now. But it was pointless. Against his own will, the voice reaches Jungkook and lures him like a moth to a flame. Jungkook turns, tears starting to flow freely, and sees Taehyung staring at him, his face streaked with worry. “Jungkook? Are you okay?” Taehyung’s voice sends a shiver up his spine and Jungkook’s heart flutters at the boy’s stare. Jungkook shakes his head and stands abruptly from the table when Taehyung reaches for him. Jungkook couldn’t do this anymore. He thought he knew what he wanted but now it was like a war was waging in his heart. Jungkook never felt like this and the confusion he was experiencing was overwhelming. “No! Please don’t touch me...please.” The tears aren’t ceasing as he sees Taehyung flinch at the intensity of his words. Jungkook looks at Jimin and notices the concern on the older’s face. Jungkook looks down at his feet when Jimin meets his eyes again. Jungkook wants to say something but sobs come out when he tries to speak. What was happening to him? He hears a chair topple over and opens his eyes just in time to see a fist flying straight for his face. Jungkook feels the fist collide with his cheek and he topples to the floor. His eyes try to focus as he tastes something metallic. Jungkook feels his stomach lurch when he realizes its blood. Hands grasp his shirt and yank him back up and he can barely focus his vision to see who his assailant is. He hears Jin shriek and Namjoon scream something before he hears a different voice that’s so morbid it strikes fear in him. “You’re so pathetic Jungkook. To think Jimin wastes his feeling on you.” Jungkook’s vision is still blurry as his legs almost give out beneath him but his eyes make out green hair. “Y-Yoongi hyung?” Jungkook’s words slur as blood dribbles down his chin. “Why would you-” Jungkook doesn’t finish as Yoongi releases a hand from Jungkook’s shirt and balls it into his fist. Jungkook closes his eyes preparing for another hit when he hears Yoongi curse out and releases him. Jungkook sinks to his feet and holds his cheek still looking at Yoongi. Namjoon and Hoseok hold each of Yoongi’s arms behind his back while Taehyung and Jin rush to Jungkook. Jungkook looks toward the table and spots Jimin staring at Yoongi with shock written across his face. Jin is crying as he drops to Jungkook’s side and hugs the younger. Taehyung kneels down in front of him and runs his long fingers under Jungkook’s chin as he inspects the damage. Jungkook feels his body warm up from the touch and with reluctance snaps his head away from it, avoiding Taehyung’s confused gaze. Jungkook feels Jin shaking and can literally feel the anger seeping out of his eldest hyung. “It’s not your fault Jungkook. Sometimes love can make people do stupid things. But no matter what happens, true love can’t be broken by anyone despite how they may feel.” Jungkook gapes at Jin with his eyes wide. Did he already know what had happened between him and Taehyung? How could he have found out? And what did he mean by true love? Was he talking about Jimin or Taehyung? Questions still roam Jungkook’s mind as he feels Jin shift beside him and he looks to see Jin slowly stand up and make his way over to Yoongi who doesn’t even cower under Jin’s intense stare. The room is silent as Jin stops right in front of Yoongi. “What do you have to say for yourself Yoongi?” Jin’s voice is trembling in outrage as his foot tapped on the floor at a rapid pace. Yoongi seems to be unaffected by Jin’s tone as he laughs and matches Jin’s stare. “Don’t lecture me Jin. You have no idea what’s going on here.” Jin raises his hand signaling the younger to silence and Jungkook is surprised that Yoongi falls silent. “Trust me Yoongi. I know exactly what’s going on. And it’s time everyone found out too.” Jungkook turns his head toward Taehyung who’s gotten up and is now staring at Jin with a confused look. Everyone in the room watches silently as Jin turns from Yoongi to Jimin who’s still seated at the table, his face a mixture of emotions. “Jimin. There's something you need to hear.”
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If you can please write longer chapters, i was just getting in the mood and the chapter was over 😭 You're an amazing writer 😊✨
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