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Que tal peeps!

Let's get this game rolling!


"Daddy please....don't be so rude..." You moan. Yoongi grins and bites down on your ear softly while pushing deeper and harder. The sound excites you as you squeal his name out loud. Suddenly Jungkook walks in. His eyes meets your eyes. You quickly kick Yoongi off of you and he falls on the floor leaving Jungkook to see also your naked body. You quickly cover up. "Kookie....ah um...sorry buddy." "Get the fuck out of here!" Yoongi barks at Jungkook. Jungkook slams the door shut. Yoongi stands up and makes a hissing noise. You silently gathering your PJ shorts and Yoongi's white tee. "I told you I had to make breakfast." You whispered. "Don't blame me that boy should have fucking manners." Yoongi said while putting on his boxers. He sat at his desk and began listening to beats. You wait in an awkward silence. "Baby go cook isn't that what you wanted to do?" You smile and kiss him softly and skip away. Some of the guys were awake in their rooms. Jungkook and Tae were playing videos games in the living room which was connected to the open style kitchen. You place your ear buds in as you begin pulling out ingredients off the shelf to cook. You begin cooking and dancing at the same time. You could cook anything and you loved caring for the guys. This morning they requested an American style breakfast. You had the whole menu planned. You would make some scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes, bacon, fresh orange juice, and a small berry fruit salad. You laughed to yourself when Jungkook said he wanted coffee since he was a man. He would always be a child to you even though you are only two years apart. He is like your little brother. He only allows you to call him Kookie. Puberty has done him righy, but you couldn't see him any other way. You hoped that you and Yoongi did not scar him. Even though low key you wanted Yoongi to keep going. Time passed and food was finished. You began setting the plate. Suddenly, you felt this breath on your neck and a hand grab your ass cheek. You turn around and see Jungkook behind you. Just your luck Yoongi walked in exactly when that happened. Yoongi stopped and glared at Jungkook. Your face turned all shades of red. "Um baby get the others to the table it's time to eat." You say in a nervous tone. "I think I know what I want to eat." Jungkook says while watching you back away from him. "What you say boy?" Yoongi said while bitting his lip. "Oh he said he can't wait to eat. I bet everyone is starving." Everyone is at the table eating and everyone can feel the tension. You sit between Yoongi and Jungkook hoping to keep the peace. Yoongi asked for some butter. You quickly stand up to get it from the kitchen and Jungkook slaps your butt. Everyone drops their forks. Jin almost chokes on his food while Namjoon and Jimin low key laughs. Yoongi glares at Jungkook sharply. You come back with the butter. You pass it to Yoongi and pray that this will end quickly. What was Jungkook doing? Did he want to die? "Hey do we have milk? I would love some." Jin says. "Noona has more than enough." Jungkook says while smirking. Yoongi gives him the death stare and everyone quickly leaves thanking you for the delicious breakfast. Tae and Hobi playfully yell our what belonging of Jungkook they will take once Yoongi kills him. "So I see you like disrespecting my woman and me?" Yoongi says in a cold tone. "No disrespect hyung...I'm appreciate art." Jungkook says. "Smart ass boy who thinks he's a man." Yoongi says.


Does Yoongi....

1. Let Jungkook easily off the hook? 2. Teaches him a lesson?


Ride Or Die Peeps

Those asking to be tagged to this...

He gon' learn today!!!
jajajajajaja hahahahaha
2!! I think it will be a good lesson. Send everyone else away and give him a good lesson!!! Wow that sounded dirty
😂😂 I could never see kookie being so openly forward. 2 for sure. that lil babe needs a spankin
poor yoongi tho he didn't even get to finish
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is it bad if i say yes lol
I agree, 2 sounds good lol
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