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Hello!!!Sup Sup!!

To who that knows me already and to who doesn't know me yet!!! (Trust me...U don't really want to "know" me). My name is JTOP!!! Why? because My first name started with "J" & I Love "TOP"!!!

Happy New Year 2017

This is my 3rd Q as MOD for TOP Community!!!! and thanks to Vingle provided me this opportunity to share My passion and love for TOP as one of the TOPgirls!!!
And here are my "lovely" team supporters!!! Thanks to these girls!!! I can be a very "lazy" MoD doing mostly "nothing" but "push" them to WORKSsssssss!!! and I am proud of myself!!! no shame!!!!
And per one of the "knows" me very well member!!! @KwonOfAKind (Big Bang MOD) Yes!!! I do bites!!! So don't make me!! I am usually very "responsible" and "under control". Unless...... that's not go to the "other side"
That's have FUN and Enjoy every moment of it before TOP enlisting!!!!
And wait for TOP to come back with a smile!!!
Let's be HAPPY and SMILE!!!! to all my TOPgirls here!!!
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