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Welcome to the first Man Crush Monday of the quarter here in the K-drama community!
Today, I am picking the one, the only:
Kim Woo Bin Born: July 16, 1989 (age 27)
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Height: 6'2"
Fun Facts:
- He broke into the industry and made a name for himself as a fashion model. He discovered his passion for acting after training to do commercials to help broaden his modeling career.
- His real name is actually Kim Hyun Joong but, while not confirmed, many say he took the stage name of 'Kim Woo Bin' as not to be confused with Boys Over Flowers actor, Kim Hyun Joong.
- He has appeared on the variety show Running Man a total of 7 episodes, making him 3rd in having the most appearances on the show.
- He was asked to sing a song on the soundtrack for 'The Heirs' but declined as he didn't feel his vocals were good enough. He has since taken up lessons and has been featured on the 'Uncontrollably Fond' soundtrack.
2012 - Runway Cop (cameo)
2013 - Friend: The Great Legacy
2014 - The Con Artists
2015 - Twenty
2016 - Master
2012 - A Gentleman's Dignity
2012 - To the Beautiful You
2012 - School 2013
2013 - The Heirs
2016 - Uncontrollably Fond
I fell for Kim Woo Bin while watching 'The Heirs'. I caught the second lead syndrome where I found myself wanting more of him than the actual lead (sorry Lee Min Ho! I still love you!). Since then, I have been keeping an eye out for him and I'm excited to start Uncontrollably Fond!
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however i can be added to this taglist please please do it. cause omg. mcm has killed me
yes I'll add you thanks
He's such a talented actor, his acting really shined in Uncontrollably Fond. Yes I agree with @VeronicaArtino you'll definitely need some tissues handy. I loved him in Heirs although Min-Ho still stole my heart in that. Woo Bin made me waver a bit. He's extremely handsome!
love this man!!! he stole my heart in heirs. 😁💜💙
you better have tissues ready and o hand when you watch Uncontrollably fond. I still haven't recovered... definitely a crush worthy man
He is just too gorgeous, plus he is also very talented. He's a triple threat ❤