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I one want to get "control" but there are still some rules x guildlines should be follow and point out from time to time, to make sure we are all "under control"
I believe all the TOPgirls x boys here are very "responsible"!! these rules might not even be needed!!
But as a "responsible" MOD Myself and since this is my first work of the New Year for the New Quarter!!!! I should start things "right"

First rules is:

Please have FUN!!! and appreciate others "passion & works"!! no fan fights, no bullying!!! no violence of any kind!!! I usually don't bites but please don't make me!

2nd Rule is:

Watch where you post!!! Please make sure when you post a card in TOP community that it at least TOP related!!
Any card is "not" will be warned and remove from Community page!!!

3rd rule is:

Mature Content!! I know this is a very blurry and grey area!! but as this is an open community we have vinglers from all different ages. Anything you post might not be "okay" for everyone to read(see). Please do make sure you put warning sign on the title before you post!!! If anyone feel any card should be removed!! you may report to me I will review and try to be as "nice" as possible to "nicely" remove it!!! with a "lovely" warning from @KwonOfAKind (she is my secret weapon)

Last rule is:

Any complaint, issues, problem please contact @KwonOfAKind!!! she will be helping you out!!! Other lovely stuffs please contact my "Beautiful supporters" @BBxGD @SatinSkies @Starbell808 @VeronicaArtino or Myself @lovetop

Be Happy have Fun for the New Year 2017!!!

Wonderful rules! 😂😂
yesss... we must be "nice" 😂😂😂😂😂
"Thanks" JTOP I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE dealing with complaints lmao 😂😂😱😱 . . ......well at least I get to be the secret weapon 💕💕