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Hi , There DTop here, aka Vero. So I want to say thank you to @lovetop, for having me as a supporter for the TOP community for this quarter.
"Top are you uninterested in this conversation?"
I see silent treatment it is... but what if.... oh no that won't work.
Seriously, TOP I was not thinking about that..
"Sure you weren't Noona."
"You speak. Seriously I wasn't."
Aww, you must have caught on to my train of thought...
"Yes, Noona, and it's an awesome one. So should I tell them or you?"
"I'm trying to build suspense here. A little help..."
I can distract them with the guys Noona, well you work your thoughts out.
Thanks, TOP. It's much appreciated.
Some awesome dance moves there boys.
"Are you ready yet Noona."
Let me just give me...
Ok boys, I think I'm ready now.
"Noona are you sure?"
I'm ready. TOP Tell them...
"Well, guys it's time for you to go. This card is about me. Anyways Noona, wants to tell you she wants to make this a fun experience..."
TOP what else....
"Wishes you a happy new year and may 2017 be filled with blessings. She says come join the fun in the TOP Community. Give her suggestions on what Dramas of mine are your favorite and..."
You are doing great TOP..
"Boys come back I think I forgot what else I was suppose to say. Noona has that scary face on. Save me. Help me remember."
"Oh and she wants to know what kind of extra things should she do to make it more fun. See I'm starting to remember. Oh and..."
And what...
She wants to make this quarter lit. So instead of just posting about my acting career. She's going to post some gifs she makes of me. Write some scenarios...Wait hold up what kind of scenarios Noona, I don't remember agreeing to that."
No comment.
"Noona, why are you blushing...wait not those kinds...No I keep my shirt on..."
Guys tell TOP, even if he's wearing clothes hundreds and thousands of fan girls imagine his shirt off..
"Seriously, noona. I'm not going to look at those scenarios..."
"Low key, noona, TOP will read them.."
Thanks Youngbae...
Fne Seriously I'll let noona write about me. Just message her a request or comment down below but let's get this Q1 Party started....
Thanks TOP, Sarranghae...
Well as you can see this quarter I will post about his acting again. I am also taking requests for one shots of him. So comment, message me if you have a scenario in mind.
Love you all
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I need more "that kind" of gif....I am sure u know what I mean by that!!!😜😜😜😜 thank u for being supporter!!!
you are welcome...
I want to know everything about this man! Please tag me.