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I was wondering how many of my fellow anime watchers are tea drinkers? I'd love to get to talk to some of you that enjoy a good cup of tea about your preferences and favs
I created this new collection cause I plan to start posting my new teas as I get them and try them and would love to hear about the kinds you all have tried
to everyone who like and commented the collect I started for this will start tomorrow with a run down of how things will go so look forward to it and hopefully I'll be able to apply next time to be the tea communities moderator 馃
can you 2 @AmazingAshley @MissStrawberry follow my tea collection please
i love lemon tea, chai vanilla tea, and green tea
well it's a Tie between a blend by harney and sobs called love life and twinnings lady earl grey
I'm serious if yall love tea send me a message or comment I really would love to talk to some tea fanaticd
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