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Victon support mod intro

Hello all you lovely Vinglers. I am helping my dongsaengs to promote this new group. I am really enjoying them and the chance to learn more about them and I hope everyone will love them like we do.
A little something about me: -My name is Erin, and I am a K-Pop noona, since I am in my mid-30s -I have been on Vingle for over a year but I haven't posted much, I'm ready to be a more active contributor on this amazing site. -I have been into K-Pop and K-Dramas for over 6 years. Although it was 2 years ago that 2PM decided I was no longer a casual K-Pop fan. -I am multi fandom, and my top favorite groups are: 2PM, BIGBANG, GOT7, BTS, FT Island. I have gotten to see all of them preform live, except for my bias group 2PM. -I have a lot of random K-Pop collections, though my favorite is my collection of K-Pop lightsticks.
I am lucky enough to have Hanse and I am going to be bringing you this sweet boy on Wednesdays. He's the main rapper and is very talented and fun, but he is also very young, so I have already instructed him he's only allowed to call me imo, not noona. I'll be his auntie and brag about him to you all. This way there is no chance of me getting too close to him (at least that's the plan ).
I was enjoying these boys as @Sailynn was sharing pics and videos of them with me, and then suddenly I was watching them on my own. This silly video of them at an arcade was what finally hooked me for some reason, and within a few seconds the adorable Hanse had my attention. I have lots to learn about him and the rest of the boys and look forward to sharing with you all.
Omg this was so cute XD
yay!!! 언니!!!!!!
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