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Hey there guys! My name is Ashley and I'm on the support team for the Inuyasha community. Nice ti meet you all! I can't wait to get to know all of you guys & I cant wsit to see whats gonna happen this quarter in our community! Fun Facts About Me: 1) Inuyasha was first Adult Swim Anime( I was in 2nd or 3rd grade) 2) I love shojo mangas! ( I started off reading shonen) 3)I draw anime ( Been drawing since 6th grade) 4)I learned the hiragana & katakana alphabet ( 6th grade) 5) I'm in college ( Psychology Major) 6) I'm African American 7) I am also part of Japanese Anime & Yuri on Ice Communities 8) I love sushi! 9) Besides Inuyasha, I also love: No Game No Life,Bleach, Naruto, Nisekoi, Noragami, Yuri On Ice, Vampire Knight, Erased, Tokyo Ghoul, A Lull in the Sea, Future Diary, the list goes on and on.... 10) I have my own collection called AmazingAshley's Collection filled with funny anime cards. Feel free to follow me & check it out! My screen name is @AmazingAshley so feel free to tag me in all your Inuyasha posts! The two special cards that I will be doing in this community are: Did you know? & Chibis Inuyasha Cards Let's have fun in this community & share the Inuyasha Love!! @ScarletKitty @LMoore Squad Taglist: SHIKON JEWEL SQUAD @AMOBTS @MISSMINYOONGI @AMAZINGASHLEY @SIMPLYAWKWARD Shikon Jewels Taglist A@AaliyahNewbell @AimeBolanos @AimeeH @AnimeLove300 @anyssa4444 B@bapastro C @CrookedShadow D: @Drageonix E: @ESwee F: @FayetheOtaku I: @InfinitySky @introvert619 J: @JiyongKey K: @KenyaMendoza @KwonOfAKind N: @natkris20 @normabm7 O: @OtakuDemon10 S: @SimplyAwkward T: @Tamaki1618 @TeaTimeFoxy V: @VeronicaArtino @VKookie47 DO NOT COPY TAGLIST IF YOU WISH TO BE ADDED COMMENT BELOW. IF YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED PM @AMOBTS!!