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MARK, Markie, my little evil dongsaeng.... what Noona... don't try to act all innocent....fix it by friday... now that Mark and I are down with that uncomfortable conversation. Let's get to the point of my card. Mark I hope you read this... I will Noona. Thank you
I wish in the upcoming year nothing but the best for you. I hope 2017 you and JinYoung cause mayhem on the others especially poor Jackson and Jaebum. I wish for you to stay healthy and that you get enough rest. I really hope you smile, laugh, and love more. Please take care of the other members. Please do some more tricking. your face always shines when you trick. if you can't do tricking please pull more pranks. This noona is out.
We are doing New Year Resolution Challenge. Its a collaboration between Boys Republic and GOT7 Communities and Black pink has joined ad well. Its a fun way to get know each other better. What's it about? In the communities, we will be making cards of each of our members. We will be writing them New Year Resolutions that we wish for them. It can also be what you wish for them to do in the new year. We can be as creative as we want as long its fun for you. You can do individual members on their days, or if you prefer you can do the whole group in one card. To be honest, we would prefer you do individual members.
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