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Ello! I couldn't wait to long! lol my writing sced got so acrewed up this last week and these couple days I focusing on Coffee break because honestly, drama, plus writing short snips. lol This chapter kind of is setting up a scene for Layla in the next but answers for what happened with Tao are here lol
Keri view* ***** I went into the kitchen to find kooki and Layla sitting at the table. Kooki had a bag of something frozen against his face. "Kooki, what happened in there?" I asked. "He was provoking me and Tae and when I tried to step up to him" he paused. "Oh you big baby. You got bitch slapped for smack talk. Kooki you got to watch what you say around people" Layla said. "I called him a bully" kooki said. "He was picking on Layla knowing so any guys and then he went after me how I was the girl of the group. He said I should dress up like a girl and hide behind Tae. That was my place" kooki pouted. For some reason that visual came to mind. It was pretty cute actually. I can see kooki looking good with long hair and make up on. "Your smiling! You just pictured it" kooki stated. "I did. Its kind of cute, but okay I get it. You guys were defending yourselves and he threw the first punch" I sighed "you guys aren't allowed to be here when other people are. I'm not going to have me or Jin breaking it up every time" I said. Kooki was about to say something but Layla pressed that bag on his face down. "I think this one should stay here. Not good to be seen like this" Layla said. "Sleepover?" Kooki sat up. "Fine, the other two guys are passed out on the bed. So why not" I said standing up and going to my office to see how it was going in there. In my office Jimin was looking at the papers on my desk as Jin talked to Tae. They stopped talking and turned to me. "Are they gone?" Jin asked "Yes and um good job defending kooki. He told me how you stood up for him after Tao called him a girl" I said. "Uh thanks" Tae said looking worried. "Did you need something" Jin asked "Oh Yea, are you three spending the night or heading out?" I asked. "Can I stay?" Tae perked up. "Sure, Jin? Jimin?" I asked. "No I'm going to the dorms" jin said and jimin nodded in agreement. "Okay got it" I nodded then shut the door. Soon enough, Jin, Jimin, and Hobi were leaving and the other 4 were staying. Tae and Kooki said they would sleep on the floor so Layla could get the couch I nodded and said I would sleep in my office. I had a little make shift area in there. In the morning I woke up on the floor with an arm wrapped around me. I turned to see that Yoongi had found his way in here at some point. Without waking him up I left the room to go to the bathroom. Layla wasn't On the couch anymore but on the ground, somehow wedged between Tae and Kooki. I went to the bathroom then went back to my office where I found Yoongi sitting up hands resting on his knees. "Well good morning sleepy head" I smiled at him. "Morning. What happened last night?" He asked. "Not much, don't worry to much about it. A couple of you guys stayed over the night. Me and Jin put you and Namjoon in the bed." I told him. "I'm going to be heading to my parents soon" I told him. "Really?" He seemed shocked "Yes I told you I was going to my parents on new years day" I said. "Should I come with you?" He asked. "Hmm better if you don't. Anyway I'm leaving you in charge if you can't get everyone out when they wake up" I asked. "You don't want me to come?"  He asked sounding hurt. "No, sorry Yoongi. Next time" I said leaning down and kissing him. "I'll see you later. Love you" I said. I left him there and went to my room to change into a different dress. With Namjoon  still passed out. I made sure before u changed my dress  to jeans and a t shirt. I shut the door to my room And someone bolted up on the floor. "I'm up!" A hand shot up in the air and Layla turned her head. "Morning Layla" I said. "Um I think I fell off the couch and used them as pillows" Layla spoke so fast I knew she was making something up on the spot. "Okay sure. I'm heading out to y parents. Stay sleep more" I told her.
omo i hate you!!!! I want to know what happened with the 3 although I have a omega weird ideas going through my brain now....ugh why you gotta be sure rude!!!!!
@VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV lol I just keep putting drama out there 😁. lol hopefully I update Layla's view tomorrow (at least its the plan to) 💙🐼
yas......I'm dying.....you are so mean but you are also wesomeness in a box