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Thank you @AimeeH for allowing me to again help you with my Prince. I plan to do better since I slacked at the end of the last QT. :)
I'll be bringing Prince Takuya from CROSS GENE to the masses, this group I feel is highly under rated and they are amazing we need to show them more love!!
I'm a shy person until I become comfortable in my surroundings, unless I'm listening to K-pop I've found I'm more out going. I love cats, and anything black I'm a goth at heart. You could say I have two personalities one is dark and the other light. You can always tell my mood by the music I'm listening to. When I listen to K-pop I'm happy and in the mood for fun.
In CROSS GENE my main bias is Takuya followed by Shin, the rest are bias wreckers and try to take their spot daily. But I'm strong and my heart hasn't completely waved (yet).
Takuya is my Prince and Shin is my sexy Kitten... I also ship them I love how close they are serious friendship goals! Plus Shin reminds me of me because I can be kinda clingy when I'm with my bestie.
✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧
♢ CandY Babies ♢
Glad to work with you! :D
Awee well thank you for Joining! It's okay bebe! ♡