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NCT Mod Support Intro

Hello everyone! I would like to announce that I am apart of the NCT mod support team! I would like to thank @JordanShuler for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the team!
Alright so a little about me~ -My name is Joseline (Joe-suh-leen) -I am from California -I am 15 years old (same age as Chenle) -I love the color red -I'm really freaking awkward and weird -I love anime -I hate pictures so filters to cover some of my face (after like 5 cookies and a head ache while feeling really tired I managed to take this one on New Years 😂) -I LOVE food and makeup(mostly food make up is pretty good) -I love listening to music A LOT -Multi fandom so I'm such trash for a lot of groups it's not even funny (laughs anyway) -My bias in NCT is Mark So for this quarter every Friday I will be posting cards about two wonderful boys!
Welcome to the team!! ♡♡
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