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Hey you guys I'm here to introduce to you the medley for AKMU's latest album 'Puberty' in the form of a short musical film. The storyline is very cute and the songs are catchy as usual.
This AKMU Musical Short Film are the siblings way of creating a video medley of their latest album and it is the cutest way possible. This storyline truly made me feel for them and their struggles. But you guys have to watch to really see what I mean.
I feel though that there is a bit of a lag in the story line between some songs but overall it is a very good watch and listen. So I hope you enjoy.
Before I forget, I also included a non-musical short film version of the medley for 'Puberty'.

Warning: the story may seem to lag a bit or be missing a few connecting fillers to bring it all together but it's basically the medley for their album 사춘기 (Puberty)

오랜 날 오랜 밤 (Last Goodbye)

And now that you have watched and listened to those medleys above, I hope you will turn your attentions to AKMU's official music video for their song 'Last Goodbye'. The song is really sweet, caressing, and very ~how do I put this?~ solemn???? I think this what I'm generally going for in my description......
Point is I enjoyed hearing their soothing voices. This song leaves me feeling all sad and solemn but well content at the same time. #noregrets
But please enjoy and show these lovely and talented siblings some love.
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