I'll start with this cute adorable apple named Ron! Thank you IG for auto replay lol
Leader Jung did quite a bit of updating himself in the last week, including older pics & new selcas (with a pic of his lovely dogs)
Bigflo Official’s Twitter 161229 All or our #Waves❗ #BIGFLO #V-App ✌  We’ll start soon❗   #Bigflo #Yuseong’s selca Please wait just a bit❤  #Today_NewFaces_Appear?! #Bigflo’s_6:30PM_News
BIGFLO Twitter  [#BIGFLO] #Bigflo #Hightop - DJing by hand? That’s no no~ This is ‘#MouseDJ’ (Source: #Idol99 | Naver TV Casting) LINK: http://m.tvcast.naver.com/v/1336863
BIGFLO OFFICIAL Twitter 122916 On #Bigflo’s #V-App Surprise appearance #Hulk #Superman #IronMan❗ With the appearance of new members Their identities will be shown D-DAY=2?! All of our #Waves❗  If you’re curious Please wait till next week❤  #BIGFLO  #Bigflo_Comeback_Coming #D-DAY=2 Ron's replies (lol) @BigFlo_official The comeback’s in two days??? @BigFlo_official @BIGFLO_JYS @BIGFLO_HT If it’s a comeback, I should talk to my mom LINK (12.29.16): http://www.vlive.tv/video/19584
V Live 122916 "Each of the 3 new members were brought out one by one and introduced without revealing their identities! Hulk - Really amazing singer, is said to be a good dancer, can play the violin Spider Man - In charge of “sexiness,” likely a rapper, very very amazing dancer Iron Man - Fluent in English!! He’s from Canada so he’s also fluent in French, amazing r&b style singing." Side note: I've halfway fallen for Iron Man lol
BIGFLO OFFICIAL IG 161230 Awesome event❗  January 5th 2017 (Thurs) 7PM❗  #Bigflo on #V-App The newly joined members Will be shown!!  http://www.vlive.tv/video/19858 All of our #Waves❗ Next week #Bigflo #V-App Please anticipate it a lot❤
HighTop IG 170101 #HappyNewYear  My childhood photo #2017 Happy New Year!♡ Baby Hyuntae is precious~
Ron IG 170101 [TRANS] HAPPY NEW YEAR Hope 2017 will be filled with happiness #BIGFLO #WAVE #Everyone #Be happy 
Bigflo Official’s Twitter 170101 [TRANS] It’s the new year 2017❗ All of our #Waves ❤ Happy New Year Newly refurbished in 2017 #Bigflo’s appearance❗ Please anticipate it a lot #HAPPY_NEW_YEAR   #2017_With_Bigflo❤
Zuk (former) IG 170101 [TRANS] I love you ❤ Bigflo, walk the flower path!*  [T/N: means “go forward gloriously”] [Picture Trans] Zuk: Our loving members I hope you have a happy new year!! Even if I’m gone let’s support each other and be together! Ron: Happy New Year [said cutely] Zuk: I love you all❤️  Yuseong: [blurred out]
All trans cr to fyeahbigflo

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