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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I was offered a position in the B2ST Moderator Squad!

In the community, I will be representing...


Here are some facts about him:
Birth Name: Yong Jae Soon Position: Main Rapper Birthday: December 19, 1989 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Blood Type: O Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Hobby: Composing songs Education: Dongshin University
-Offstage he is really cute and the complete opposite of the charismatic rapper he is on stage. -He is a former member of boy band “XING” -He hasn’t come home in so long that even his own dog couldn’t recognize him!! lol.
-He mumbles nonsense when he’s tired. -He never wants to be separated from the other members. - Junhyung’s parents raised him as a neat-freak. - When the B2ST members first started living together, Junhyung threw away the members’ things to keep the dorm clean. He thought the members would be angry, so he was surprised when he found out they didn’t care.
-Junhyung has a tattoo on his arm which says “seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow” in Latin. -His chest tattoo says “born again still your son,” which represents his love for his parents.

I have been a fan of B2ST for at least.... 3 years I believe? I haven't shown them a lot of love, but I really am a HUGE fan of theirs. I hope you all are just as excited as I am for the start of learning more about them!

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YAY STEPH! I'm so happy to have you on the team and for Junhyung to have such fine representation.
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