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The sound of scuffling can be heard coming from the dressing room. Jiyong and the photographer turn as they hear a scream. They head in that direction as the door opens and Jak comes waltzing out. She pats her hair down and smoothes her clothing. Seeing the men outside the door she looks in amazement,
“What? Did I take too long? Sorry, I’m ready now, let’s go.”
She steps around the two of them and over to the set; finds her location and turns to look back like, ‘well’?
Jiyong and the photographer take a quick glance into the dressing room. A couple of hair dressers and costumers are packing up their bags, wiping a bit of blood from their faces. The men look back at Jak a little nervously, than at each other.
“Are we sure we want to continue? It seems she’s a little dangerous. Is she going to flip out on us like that?”
Jiyong narrows his eyes at Jak, studying her for a moment. She looks over and meets his gaze directly, looking not fully innocent but not dangerous either. He turns back to the dressing room to see the ladies quickly scurry out the back. With an eyebrow raised he turns back for a last look at Jak. He nods, claps the photographer on the shoulder and heads over to the shoot.
A recliner has been brought in for the next set of pictures and for once Jak is finished changing before Jiyong. He saunters into the room, seeing her sitting sideways, legs thrown over the side and crossed. She has a bag of chips and bottle of water she’s munching on.
Smiling he heads in her direction, “You don’t look so mean and tough now.”
With a hand on the back and bottom of the chair he leans over and eats the chip out of her hand, than takes the bag.
She immediately grabs for it. “HEY! That’s mine!”
He dodges, grabbing her hands and playfully holding the bag out of reach.
“I thought models never ate anything, especially junk food, they're always on a diet.”
He sits on the arm of the chair and fluffing the bag, reaches in looking for a chip.
On her knees she reaches over his shoulder trying to grab the bag back “GIVE!”
As his hand crumples up the bag, she gasps and growls at him, “I wasn’t done with those!”
“There was nothing left but crumbs, is that how you’re so skinny?”
As he turns towards her he get up and begins backing up, holding his hands out. “WHOA… maybe you are dangerous, are you always this dramatic about your food?”
“No one comes between me and my food. MY FOOD. You owe me chips now!” She grumps as she steps directly over the chair, advancing on him.
His eyes widen to see that and he begins muttering while waiting for her to stop in front of him.
A smile spreads over his face; “Tiny but fierce, short but look at those long legs”.
Stopping directly in front of him she pokes him in the chest, “I’m not tiny I’m small but I will still take you down if you don't leave my food alone! I protect what I love.”
As his head tilts to the side he suddenly laughs, “That means you love food the most?”
“I would marry it if I could. Aren’t we supposed to be doing a shoot?”
Laughter comes from behind them as the photographer steps forward, “Oh we have been. Not sure if I’d call it chemistry between you two yet but there is definitely … something. These pictures will be amazing.”
The last set of pictures are to be glamour shots, fancy and sophisticated. Not what Jak likes to wear but what she gets paid to wear and thankfully she looks good doing it. Jiyong doesn’t turn when she walks out, he just stands, as if thinking.
The photographer gives her his overall idea; the two of them secluded and alone in a back, moonlit garden. They’ve escaped from an event to spend time alone, uninterrupted.
Approaching the balustrade, she places her hands atop it and throws her head back to look at the fake moon. She can feel Jiyong move up behind her, placing his hands on her hips and stepping forward instead of pulling her back. With his head bent over her neck, he begins whispering in her ear as the camera flashes.
“You always protect what you love?” His eyes are on the camera as his mouth moves up her neck to be right behind her ear.
She closes her eyes, lowering her head as she mumbles, “Mhm”.
As he turns her to face him, there is something different in his eyes. She tries to keep the confusion from her face and quickly falls back into character as he places a piece of hair behind her ear.
Placing a kiss on her forehead he disguises his mouth moving, “Than you must love me”.
Her eyes fly open as she steps back, unable to control her reaction to his comment. “What?!?”
The photographer lets out a grunt of disapproval so they quickly change to a position of dancing. Her head on his shoulder could be shot from both ways, looking to and away from the camera. Taking advantage of this she begins to talk.
“I don’t understand why you’d say that to me. What are you even talking about? We just met.”
When the position changes he uses it to his advantage also.
“Little birdies informed me what really happened in the dressing room."
As she stiffens, he begins stroking her back and adjusting his hands for the photo.
“A couple of Big Bang anti-fans? I believe you said you defend what you love.”
He cups her face in his hands and holds her eyes captive as he tries to read her. His head lowers towards her as he whispers, “I think I like that idea.”
Ya, Jak won't put up with anti fans, especially not ones after Ji!
I knew Jak wouldn't just hit someone for no reason 😅