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The bolded part is the past :)
“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”
That was it, you were now married to Min Yoongi, you were pregnant with his kid, it was all you ever wanted. He held your hand tightly in his, rubbing your knuckles softly as you both shared a, much needed, kiss to seal the promises you both have made for each other. Your eyes met Jimin’s, knowing he was hurting, you excused yourself from your newlywed and met him. He shot you a smile when you enveloped him in a tight hug, holding the back of his head and crying into his shoulder.
“Thank you so much Chim.”
“I meant what I said.”
“But what about you?”
“Don’t worry. Just be happy.”
You screamed loudly, a string of profanities leaving your lips as you clutched the railing of the hospital bed. Your eyes glared holes into Yoongi’s head, who looked just as nervous as you.
“I fucking hate you.”
“You always tell me that.”
“I’m never letting you put another kid in me.”
“Not like you can stop me.”
“I hate you so much.”
“Love you too.”
You let out another scream, gripping his hand even tighter, possibly breaking it, but you didn’t care. You took deep breaths, the sweat building up on your forehead as you tried to push out your first child, the door opening when you began, Taehyung’s voice making you even more angered.
“(Y/N)-ah!” He yelled, his eyes widening when he saw the scene before him. His skin paled before he fell backward, a groan escaping your lips as you continued to push. Yoongi looked confused, ignoring the pain you shot through his hand as he peeked to look at his friend.
“Did he just faint?” He asked over your screams, causing you to pull him down by his arm and grip the collar of his shirt tightly.
“I swear to god, say another word and I’ll kill you.”
“There’s my little girl.” Yoongi said happily, picking up your 3 year old daughter, peppering kisses on her tiny face before bounding over to you. He hugged you tightly, kissing your lips briefly, hearing your child squeal before covering her eyes.
“Mommy and daddy are kissing, that’s gross.” She squealed out, both of you laughing at the bundle of joy you have created. You leaned your head on his shoulder once he set your daughter down, watching her run around happily to play with the small dog you both bought a while back.
“Do you regret any of this?” He asked after a while, wrapping his arms around your waist, his eyes watching your child play around without a care in the world.
“Not a single thing.” You spoke softly, intertwining your hands and placing a small kiss on his nose. “This is all I’ve ever wanted.”
“You fucking cheated again!” You yelled in disbelief, throwing multiple pillows at your husband, your furious glare set on him. He scoffed, dodging the pillows effortlessly and crossing his arms.
“If you bothered to listen-”
“Listen? You cheated for the 3rd time, I’m sick of it!”
“(Y/N), it’s a game.” Jin said from behind you, both your child and the members laughing at your childish antics.
“Still! He keeps adding more to his money stack!” You pouted, crossing your arms and glaring straight at Yoongi, who rolled his eyes at you.
“I’m taking loans.”
“That’s not how you play monopoly.”
“That’s how I play.”
“God, you’re hopeless.”
“I love you.” He said, rubbing your hair softly, your legs intertwined, your bodies cuddled together on the couch. He smiled, his gums showing as he placed small kisses on your forehead.
“I love you too.”
“How much?”
“Oh you know, from here.” You said cheesily, watching his smile grow wider.
“From here, to the end of time.”


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Dude you had me going so many times like I panicked when I read 'hospital' and then so many 'hates' going around and then omigosh why do you play with me so much like this but it's so worth it because I loved it😢
Aww that was so good. poor Jimin though but true love prevails!
I haven't read a fan fic in a while, but this one caught my eye last week and I binged it. The emotional rollercoaster was worth it for the happy ending. Thank you for posting this for us, Sarah.
I'm glad! And no problem I love sharing these reads with my family :). That means I have to find more >:3
Hey! I was @MichelleIbarra, I changed my user a while ago. By the way, I loved this story!
Hey Michelle! Sorry bout that. I knew you changed your username and I didnt change it. Sorry bout that.
That. Was. Beautiful!! 😫😫😫😫😫
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