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Hey, so the MONSTA X Community will have some rules but they are simple rules. We want everyone to know that not everyone is the same with somethings posted on Vingle. Please follow these rules to respect others, Thank you.

Rule #1

There will be absolutely NO FIGHTING in this community. Any drama that happens will lead that card to be removed. Examples: No BULLYING No JUDGING and No DISCRIMINATING against each other.

Rule #2

Our taglist is for our moderators to use only. You may request to be added or removed but please do not use out taglists.

Rule #3

Any card in the community MUST be about MONSTA X or have MONSTA X involved. Any card irrelevant to this community will be removed from the community after 3 WARNINGS, and I really hope I don't have to give anyone warnings.

Rule #4

Please keep all fanfictions Rated PG or PG-13 nothing past these two ratings are allowed. You MUST put a warning in your title for those who can't handle or don't like sexual content. We ask you to please respect those who are uncomfortable.
If you'd like to be added to our Monbebe League Taglist let us know in the comments and we'll add you! The Fighters League- @KaiLuhan4Ever(mod) - Minhyuk @crookedshadow -Kihyun @bapastro - I.M @yehetmyohorat97 - Jooheon @jordanshuler - Wonho @awkwardjazzy -Shownu @changkyunslays - Hyungwon Monbebe League Taglist- @baekyeol27 @JasminMartinez
i think i asked to be tagged but in the one. but can i please please be tagged in all things Montsa X please. please. it woukd be so much easier for me instead of looking. thanks
@Starbell808 This was made before the official taglist was made. You have been tagged in other cards :)
Please tag me