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Hello inspirits and thoae just joining. Since this is my first quarter I wish to go about the community in a fun way. I know we all don't like this part, but it needs to be out there so we all follow. Onwards!
The first set of guidelines come directly from Vingle and you had to agree to abide by them when you created your Vingle account. You can find the original Vingle post >>>HERE<<<
The following are the guidelines for this cummunity: IRRELEVANT CARDS: All cards published to the INFINITE community must correlate with INIFINTE. That means if it is a card about INFINITE as a group or single members, even music festivals and INFINITE is in the line up EACH AND EVERY CARD MUST RELATE TO THE COMMUNITY. ALL IRRELEVANT CARDS WILL BE REMOVED. This can be quite the task at hand removing said cards. So as a Moderator if I seemed to have missed some please DM me letting me know and I will get to removing. We all joined this community to talk and share about all things INFINITE. I would like it to stay that way. SMUT: I am a fan of it yes. I enjoy a good read. As for the community I feel it is best that we limit it to one location and that is to the Fanfiction community. If you plan to post please make sure there is a clear warning with a Viewer discretion is Advised. You may tag the ODD SPIRIT MOD SQUAD in your card for us to read. If I find the card posted to the community, I will remove it. We have way too many younger vinglers who do not need to be exposed to such reads. I respect all writers out there, this isn't to bash or discredit your work. With that said I have one more thing, Let's have a great Q1 together. It is the first of the year!

ㅣ인피니트우린해피엔딩이아닌네버엔딩 "INFINITE It's not a HAPPY ending it's NEVER ending!"

Got it!
Got it boss.