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Hello again! Ya'll are gonna get sick of me but I love you all regardless!😂 Today I am coming to you as a supporter for the amazing High4 thanks to the wonderful @twistedPuppy. I am so honored to be her supporter this quarter!
Names Brittany or Brit 27 years old Lives in Florida Been in the K-Pop scene for 6 years and counting Have a little fur baby 5 month old kitten by the name of Amaya. Soccer's my favorite sport. Animal and outdoors lover Bookworm and music junkie. Uhhh...I have 3 tats and counting... Okay okay I'm bad at these and not sure what else to say lol so enough about me back to our boys. I will be coming to you all every Saturday and I will be representing the dangerous duo Alex Youngjun aka bias and bias wrecker...sure I don't need to explain why he is.
I am so looking forward to this quarter with Vinny, my fellow supporters and all of my fellow and soon to be fellow High5's! Be sure to show our beloved mod, my wonderful fellow supports and High4 all sorts of love! D.O.A CREW @twistedPuppy (Mod) @CrookedShadow @jjrockstar @VixenViVi @xoxorittie @JordanShuler High5Homies Taglist. @karinamiranda81 @VixenViVi @RosaArgueta @AlenaSegura  @sukkyongwanser @MelissaGarza  @namjoonxme @YviLole15  @IsoldaPazo  @kandle779  @AlenaSegura  @VeronicaArtino  @KenyaMendoza  THE WINKONICS SQUAD♡♡♡ @IsoldaPazo @XxGummybear92xX @SuperJuniorelf @locoforjiyong @reyestiny93 @resavalencia @johnEvans @vipgirl5 @KAddict @LysetteMartinez @Moose1998 @MrsChoiJunHong @janessaakemi @JuanitaBooRiv @amberg171997 @punkpandabear @salo @himeoppa @B1A4BTS5ever @LocoForJiyong @JohnEvans @xxchicharitoxx @AubriePope @LemonLassie @twistedPuppy @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KpopQueenaBee @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @LisetteZapata @kikie311 @GiriBoyXAOMG @swarrier16 @mrsjeon @JewelsLouise1 @Sherrysahar @Stephany123 @MelissaGarza @Taekookimonster Konie crew 2.0 Mod Squad ~ @xoxorittie @PrettieeEmm @IsoldaPazo @resavalencia @Sailynn @XxGummybear92xX @BrennaTran VIXXEN squad: @Helixx @resavalencia @AimeeH @LemonLassie @StephanieDuong @JiyongLeo @turntuptae @JordanShuler @awkwardjazzy @adritae @xoxorittie @InfinitySky @ChaErica @CrookedShadow Gorilla Mod Squad @awkwardjazzy @ChaErica @mbg3t @bapastro @twistedpuppy @CrookedShadow @Tigerlily84 @JiyongLeo @Josyy7 @yehetmyohorat97 @xoxorittie Tree Protectors: @IsoldaPazo @XxGummybear92xX @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @xoxorittie @Tinytreeleaf KDramatics @VeronicaArtino @luna1171 @twistedPuppy @resavalencia @SatinSkies @xoxorittie @KokoroNoTakara •Korean☆Mod Squad•: @awkwardjazzy @Eswee @xoxorittie @ShailaZaman @OppasManBun @Baekyeol27 I you would like to be tagged or untagged feel free to let me know. ^_^
Nice introduction and it is nice to meet you!
Thank you~ It's a pleasure to meet you too.☺️
Thank you Brittany!
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@twistedPuppy Yay! Hahaha😂💖