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Part 7 is here already!! Agh!! ^.^
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Mature Content Ahead! *YOUR POV* "Angel... I'm so sorry to hear this." he tells you quietly. You cried your heart out. You cried out loudly, "Why?! Why is my life like this?!" "Honey.." Your mom yells loudly as she runs upstairs. Jimin quickly hides under your bed. You, sitting on the bed, still pouring tears. She opens the door. "Oh sweetie.." She sighs. She sits next to you with a hand on your shoulder. "I know you're upset. We all are. But this is the best choice for your father and I." You stood up. "I don't need this stupid bullshit talk I do not want to hear it from you or dad.. I'm going out with my friends." "Hey! You don't talk to me like that I am your mother!" She yells. "You know what. If you could talk like that to your now ex husband then I can. I do not care right now. Now if you excuse me I am going with my friends." "Oh no you are not young lady! like your so called friends will want to go out at this time of day." You turned around in despise. "My so called friends? What do you mean by that?" Your mom looked very angry. Her nose scrunched, her lips wrinkled, She was mad. "How are you gonna go out with friends when you don't even have any?? you little piece of shit!!!" She yelled out. She snaps out of it. She has realized that she had snapped. It had pass her breaking point. "Honey.. I-I- I am so-" "Save it. I'm leaving." You said with tears running. She gets up and walks down stairs. You look under your bed to see Jimin. He seem stunned. "Jimin... I am so sorry you had to hear that." You told him quietly. "Let's go somewhere else. Away from this negativity." He says as he crawls out. He opens the window and swings his legs over. He carefully climbs down the tree and onto the floor. He looks up at you with his gorgeous eye smile. "Careful Angel. Just climb down safely I'll be right here waiting for you." You look over right at him. You shut your door and lock it. You grab a small little bag and stuff some money in there. You look around to see what else to take. You look behind you. Looking at all the pictures. You were gonna miss all those memories spending those with loved ones. Ignoring life, You walk up to the window, Swing your legs over and carefully climb down. You slipped on one piece of a branch. You looked over behind you. Even though Jimin says not to look. Suddenly, the window had shut on your fingers, causing you to let go in drastic pain. Falling down to the ground Jimin runs over before you made it down on him painfully but safely into his arms. Well. Sort of. "Aish.. Are you okay (Y/N)? No injuries?" he groans. You look at him with a smile and a nod. You get up with your hand out, pulling him up to his little feet. He smiles. *LATER* As he is walking with his hand held to yours, You look over at some little house. It seemed quite vintage. Like creepy. As if it was a horror movie. You suddenly got chills crawling up your spine. "That house is rather ravishing" Jimin complimented. "Did you study for something or did your brain got sudden boost of vocabulary?" You chuckled. His lips don't move one bit. "Jimin? Are you okay? You're scaring me.." You muttered. He looks at you. Caressing your face with his soft hand. He places his hands on both of your cheeks. He leans in for a sweet, simple kiss. You felt his lips dance with yours as sparks flew and butterflies dance in your stomach. He pulls away with a sudden frown. He looks into your eyes with his dark pretty eyes. "I feel very sorry for you Angel.." He says. "You deserve the best of happiness. I would like to meet your parents soon. I want to get to know the people who created and raised the woman who I love and know today. The woman who brings this smile on my face everyday when I'm with her. I heard what your mom said. She commented about you having no friends. That certainly isn't true. We are good friends and a great couple. You should come and meet my friends. They would really like you." You look at him in surprise. "Jimin... that is very sweet of you! But we have school tomorrow and I don't think I have any classes with your friends I don't even know any of their names." Jimin giggles. "Well I have 6 great friends who I wouldn't ever trade for the world. I'm the 3rd youngest. And the 2 fetuses that are younger then me are Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. Be careful around them a lot of girls like them they are heart throbs." He giggles with a smile, "Well we all are. The oldest is Jin. He will treat you like a child but don't get on his bad side. Then we have Yoongi. He also goes by Suga. And we also have the intelligent Namjoon and the bright Hoseok." You smiled. "Well that is great to hear. I might have that Jungkook guy in my gym class.. I think I'll find out." He smiles. He plants a kiss on your forehead as the sun starts to go down. As he is walking you home you see flashing red and blue lights. You worry. You start to run towards the lights as Jimin stops you. "What are you doing??" You asked him. "Wait.. we don't know what happened.. let's just slowly walk over as if we are friends alright.. or I can hide somewhere nearby just in case." he explains. You nodded. Jimin hides right by a nearby parked vehicle. He starts to worry about you.
"What is going on?" You asked the police as you walk closer. He clears his throat. "Well.. I need to know your name ma'am." "(Y/N)." you replied.
"Are your their daughter?" He asked. You nodded yes. *JIMIN POV* As I try to hide in plan sight, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I got really frightened and scream. "AHH!!" Only to see Taehyung. "What's happening? You didn't get into trouble did you?" He asked. I nodded no. I gave him the signal to be quiet. He listens as he hides. "Why are you here hiding?" he whispered. "I'm worried." "About what?" "Well see that girl? She is my girlfriend. And her family is having personal issues. I'm just worried something bad had happened." I explained. He seemed to understood perfectly. "Well.. I'm here all the way with you." he says. I smile gratefully. Taehyung smiles back. As I see the lights stop flashing, the police drove off. I see (Y/N) standing outside by herself with her arms crossed and tears. "Taehyunggie.. Stay here please I need to talk with her." I told him. He nodded. I ran towards her with the worry feeling in my heart. "What happened?? Why are you crying??" She explains, "Believe it or not.. but my parents reported me missing. Then my mom slapped my dad for being an idiot. Then he slapped my mom for being stupid. They got into an argument and now I either have to stay here with adult supervision or stay over at a friends house for about a month or two. I don't know what to do." "Well.. I suggest that you can stay with me and my grandma or I can have my grandma pretend she is here and I'll stay here with you so you aren't far from home." She looks down then up at me. She looks me in the eye and then boom! She kissed me. I smiled at her. "What was that for?" I said with a huge smile. "For being so understanding and supportive. I love you." She said blushing. "You love me?" I asked her. She nods a huge yes with a perceiving grin. "I love you too (Y/N)." I give her the biggest hug following with a special kiss. Suddenly, I heard a fake cough. Looked over at Taehyung smiling and clapping. "So cute hyung. You are sure lucky to have her." He said. I nodded a big yes. "Come here." I told him. "(Y/N), This is one of those fetuses Taehyung. Taehyung, this is my lovely girlfriend, (Y/N)." "It's finally so nice to meet you." She greets with a smile and a hug. He gives her a really big smile too, "Pleasure to meet you." She looks at me with a serious expression. "Jimin.." "Yes?" "Why don't you invite your friends over?.. I know this isn't the right time but it's barely about to be 8:00pm let's have dinner together." She offered. I smiled with please. "Gladly. I think they would like that." "I know for sure I'll love it" Taehyung said. He smiles. I wrapped my arms around both of them as we head inside her house.
God damn isn't he quite the boyfriend ;) Hope you enjoyed our ChimChim <3 Featuring a wild Taehyung <3
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