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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Info: Their appearances in the picture above ARE NOT how they look in this fanfiction. See the Introduction for their actual visuals and all other information including each member's introduction.
Part: Chapter 1
Previous Part: Introduction (Please read. you'll need it)
Next Part: Chapter 2

Warning: There will be Boy x Boy, Strong language, Blood, Violence, Sex, and other stuff. Basically, anything except rape. I'll never write about that. All of these things will be in the coming chapters.

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Narrator's P.O.V: "Tae try looking at the hotel room instead of the cute puppy," Yoongi frustratingly scolded the boy. Taehyung nodded in annoyance, as he just wanted to see the adorable poodle that laid sleeping in the room. Shaking his head, he focused back into the consciousness of the fly. His own brown eyes were quickly taken over with the appearance of the animal's own, and he followed their initial target. "Confirming," He began. Yoongi lifted up the note pad and paper he kept in his pocket and wrote exactly what Taehyung said. J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook sat in silence, while Jin was in the bedroom with Namjoon, attempting to help him sleep. "Target's name: Kim Woo Bin. His approximate height is one-hundred-eighty to one-hundred-eighty-five centimeters. Hair color: brown. Eye color, also brown. He's wearing a plain tuxedo, and a Rolex on his right wrist, but can be spotted easily in a crowed by the Cobra snake tattoo on the left side of his neck. It's really fucking cool hyung-" "Tae!" Yoongi growled. Jimin jumped, feeling a fire ignite within him at the sound, but crossed his legs and forced the pheromones back. Taehyung jumped as well, and continued. "Sorry. Anyways, he has no piercings and no other significant features that would help us." He finished. Yoongi nodded, jotting down any details he may have missed. Knowing he had a tattoo of a Cobra snake was more than helpful. He was definitely associated with the gang they observed a few months back. "Alright, then he's definitely associated with that gang. He's in a roof top suit, and wears a Rolex. He must be either their leader, or somewhere high up there. But the lower ranked members were good at fighting, so i can only imagine this guy," He spoke mostly to himself. His mind was already turning, formulating a plan. "Does he really own a poodle?" Jungkook joked from behind J-Hope. Taehyung chuckled and nodded, both of them wondering if he was really being considered as a badass gang leader. "Tae, watch how he walks." Yoongi spoke calmly. Taehyung cleared his throat and nodded, watching the man. He knew the fly wouldn't be alive much longer, so he had to hurry. "Does he constantly look behind him? How long are his strides? Does he scrunch his nose when he looks around? How many times does he check his watch? Does he look left to right, or right to left-" "Hyung, one at a time." Taehyung cut him off, feeling a little light headed from how much focusing he had to do. He answered all of his questions regardless. "In the past twenty seconds, he's looked behind himself four times, takes long strides, doesn't scrunch his nose, has checked his watch twice, and looks left to right." Yoongi reached over and ruffled the boys hair, apologizing for being forceful. Taehyung smiled and nodded in understanding, slipping out of the consciousness of the fly just before it died. It wasn't his fault that it died. His powers don't end the lives of animals he manipulates. Fly's just... don't live very long. Taehyung blinked a few times, his vision clearing to see the four boys nodding at him reassuringly. Jungkook moved to sit next to Taehyung on their couch, bringing his head onto his lap. He brushed through Taehyung's soft, violet locks, comforting him. Even though it was just a fly, Taehyung connected to animals, and even insects, on a level that no other human could understand. Any death felt like his own. "He's definitely the gang leader," Yoongi nodded. J-Hope spun a steak knife in his hand, nodding as well. He wondered if their target really could fight, and hoped he would never have to find out. "So, who's going in?" Jimin asked, gazing at Yoongi through the small amount of locks that covered his eyes. Yoongi didn't dare to look his way, knowing that just his eyes alone would tear him out of the focus he hand on the plan. Even if Jimin wasn't sending off waves of sexual pheromones, he could still feel the heat of it. "Well, you are Plan A, Jiminie. The hotel is holding a banquet that this man will no doubt be apart of. Both you and Jungkook should go as business men. As of right now, the plan is-" He was cut off by Jin opening the door to Namjoon's room. They all immediately looked down the hall to see him just standing there. He stared at the wall for a moment before falling. Jungkook wasted no time in getting up, and simply teleported under him before he could fall, catching him with ease. He carried Jin to his room, lying him in his bed. The other's were right behind him with looks of worry on their faces. Jin looked pale and thin, almost as if he'd dropped half his weight even though he hadn't. Jimin reached over, brushing the man's sweaty bangs from his eyes. Jin's eyes fluttered for a moment as if he was in pain, and Yoongi rested his hand on his forehead. The other's watched as dim flames circled from his forehead and through Yoongi's veins. "He just needs some rest," Yoongi sighed, his eyes fluttering open to reveal his now orange tinted irises. That happened anytime he absorbed heat from an object, person, or the atmosphere. Jimin willed himself to look away from his eyes. Yoongi could in fact control heat, but the heat within Jimin for this man could not be tamed. Whenever his irises even flickered orange for a moment, he could feel heat spread throughout his body. The kind of heat he needed to constantly suppress. "We'll discus the plan when they both wake up. The banquet isn't until next week, so we have time. For now, keep monitoring him Taehyung, and Jimin," Yoongi sighed as he paused. The boys name easily rolled off his tongue. Jimin nodded, waiting for him to continue, still not looking at him. "I think you need to take Jungkook or Taehyung. You're getting pretty bad, and it worry's me when you faint." Jimin nodded again, walking over to the door and leaning on the frame. He closed his eyes, and leaned his head against the frame. "Alright, let's leave him. He's gonna need the rest," J-Hope stated. The other's agreed, and walked out one by one, except for Jimin. Yoongi was the last to walk out, but Jimin stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. Yoongi felt a faintly familiar heat spread through out his body. He knew Jimin was trying to persuade him into helping him. "Please," Jimin whimpered. He kept his eyes closed, but couldn't help his brows drawing together as he was losing concentration. "I told you, I'm not going to fuck you-" he was cut off by the sudden extreme sexual frustration that built up inside of him. His irises glowed orange in anger, and he growled low in his throat. "You know... this isn't... fair," he struggled to speak as his breathing picked up. He felt himself twitch to life in his pants and could barely fight the urge to cling to Jimin. Jimin stopped, re-gaining his composure and control. He let go of Yoongi's shoulder, and just like that, all sexual needs died from the man's body. Jimin looked up at a clearly pissed Yoongi, and turned to walk away. "It isn't fair to me either," He whispered before walking away to his room.
Already some tension. I couldn't help the Yoonmin stan inside me, i'm really sorry lol. THERE WAS A WARNING THOUGH, SO DON'T SAY ANYTHING! ♥ Tags: @KeraDelatorre @JaxomB @karinamiranda81 @AnnaArai @Josyy7 @klpowell7813 @LunaFergus @EmilyCayetano
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