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Smartphones took the cellular phone market by a storm, giving the earlier semi-smart devices from established smartphone brands like Nokia and Blackberry, a run for their money. But a majority of users were still put off by the higher price points of smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung and LG etc. Today, the situation is much different as smartphone makers like LAVA have made it possible to own quality android phones at a budget. Here we are listing a breakdown of the features you can expect from a new smartphone under ₹5000/-
We have a detailed account on the specification for a budget smartphones (which you can read here). But on a strict budget of ₹5000, we have a different set of specs to help you buy your first smartphone or a spare one, whichever the case maybe.

Screen Size:

Smartphone under ₹5000 these days come with larger screen sizes compared to earlier models which were restricted to 3.5 inches or less of screen space in the strict budget section. Now you can easily pick up a 5.5" screen smartphone (Lava A79) under 5k. Screen resolution for these phone is also at a decent 480p and works well for everyday tasks like browsing the internet, WhatsApp and messaging and watching photos & videos.

Processing Power:

You can expect a decent performance from your budget smartphone these days as standardisation of chip manufacturing processes has resulted in cheaper die costs, which are being directly transferred to the end-users through budget smartphones. Dual core and quad core chips are readily available in smartphones under ₹5000/- these days.


Although the strictly budget smartphones are just breaching the 4G wall in terms of connectivity, 3G is still a good option and has less effect on your cellular data and battery life. Standard calling and messaging features are a part of all budget smartphones.

Camera & Storage:

Camera quality in this category is not phenomenal but smartphone vendors are beginning to offer acceptable image and video camera quality. You can pick-up phones with 5 megapixel back camera and a 2 megapixel front shooter at this price point. Storage is also decent, with options starting at 4 to 8 GB with expandable memory.


Good Battery backup can be found in phones from established brands such as LAVA, as the hardware is not overly taxing on the battery in this section.


Lastly, software wise these devices are launched with latest Android OS, but after sales support may need some catching up to do as newer updates are released on an extended schedule. Still, recent versions of Android offers only incremental updates and the user experience does not vary that much between versions.
If you are looking for new smartphone under 5000, we advise you have a look at the models from LAVA, an Indian brand which has been manufacturing some exceptionally good budget phones for first time smartphone users. The phones also offer stylish design and are aesthetically better than the competition at this price point.