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Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. We ought not to live in the past. No matter how full of blessing and good it is, we may not stay in it. Life is before us, never behind us. If we linger, we shall lose our place, and our fellows will press on and leave us. The best way to live for tomorrow is to do well the work of today; yet the future should always exert an inspiring influence upon us. In the time of discouragement it is the hope of overcoming that brings cheer. When we are in sorrow it is the promise of comfort that sustains us. In the task–work of school days it is the thought of what manhood will bring of achievement that inspires the student. In the struggles of earthly life it is the larger life of heaven that keeps the heart brave and strong. We should let the past go, with all it contains of memory and of good, while we turn ever to the future, with hope and courage.
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Sincerity shows through in your writing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.