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Hello How are you? Fantastic I hope. Many of you know me, some don't. I've been given the honor & opportunity to help support @Helixx Mod the Community ♡ ~~ Thank you Helixx for loving me enough to let me help you bring love to my bebes ♡

▪▪ Beast holds a tremendous amount of love in my heart ▪▪ I'll get to that momentarily ••

You Lovely precious beans will be seeing my beautiful face^ every Sunday! I KNOW IT'S Amazing!!
〰 I will be representing the very vivacious Leader & First Bias of Beast, Dujun. I promise I'm as lovable as he is! Even though he's cuter than I am by afar.

▪▪ Things we Have in Common ▪▪

¤ Great Smile

¤ Confidence (Although I'm a little more modest than he)

¤ LIKE to eat

¤ Have Bad hair some days

¤ Can be aggressive during games

¤ Have the smug face down

¤ Same angry texting Face

¤ Wardrobe can be questionable but we still look good.

¤ Chicken is my Favorite too DuJunie Bear.

▪▪ About Me ▪▪

✤ You can Call Me Aimee, Aime, Aimz, Aims, AL. I will go by any of those. You can also call me Queeny Cross Genie. 100% okay with that one

✤ I'm 24 & 36 mos old! ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ Lemme just drop off my smug faced emoticon

✤ Along with being support for Beast, I help support: NCT, EXO, VIXX, BTOB, Topp Dogg, SHINee, & Mod for Cross Gene! ♡

✤ B2ST was my first group

✤ That up there is Peaches and I! {I'm the cockatoo btw} {I was too excited} She loved giving me kisses! I was a kid in a candy store practically! ♡•♡

✤ I'm an Early Headstart Teacher, working on my CDA and Associates in Childhood Education.

✤ I might just be a Cross Gene Fanatic. . erm Trash Landfill might be a better choice of words.

✤ I have a Bachelor's in Criminology & Sociology.

✤ I have 9 UBS, but Seyoung and Sangmin are my tops. With Minwoo trying to take spot #3 and Bump everyone down.

▪▪ Favorite Groups ▪▪

All the groups I mod and support for, plus JJCC, 100%, Pentagon, Top Secret, MR.MR, Click- B, AlphaBat, M.Fect, 24K, Masc, Boys Republic, Road Boyz, Beatwin, Hotshot, Bigflo, Bigstar, MyName, A.Cian, Madtown, High4, MaTilDa


▪▪ How I found Beast ▪▪

Beast will always and forever hold my love. They were the first group I found and the first group I fell in love with. (Surprising right, since I'm Cross Gene's Trash depot.) *I clicked on the YouTube God's suggested video while i watched Good luck, and Found Cross Gene* I was diagnosed with cervical Cancer back in 2012. I had been sick a while before the diagnosis, but I found out the same week Beast released Beautiful Night. (I had no idea what I was about to get into, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.) I started slipping into depression and losing my mind as to what struggle I was about to be in. This group of guys reeled me into the never-ending revolving door of KPOP. I fell in love and wanted to know about them. I Wanted to know the guys that were taking my mind off the current negativity of my life. I started binge watching everything I could find on beast. As I saw more, I fell in love more. Any time I had to go to the doctor or get new biopsies, B2ST & Cross Gene were my go to groups since the beginning. Their voices helped ease my mind, to where Yoseobs voice became my favorite. Their personalities were all beautiful, and no matter how much it seemed they were huge in fan base, B2ST seemed very humble as well. I will forever hold them in my heart.
If you would like to join me for Q1 shenanigans as DJ, please let me know in the comments to add you to the taglist.



VIXXEN Mod squad:

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

✤ NCT~ Team ✤

Topp Dogg Mod:

✤ Baby B2UTIES ✤

Your intro is amazing!
Thank you hunnie! I was hoping it was good!
AIMEE! You are so awesome. 💙💙
thank you bebe