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Kim Hyun Joong event winners!!
Dear all, Thank you for celebrating our beloved oppa Kim Hyun Joong's birthday with us! (http://www.vingle.net/posts/12749-Kim-Hyun-Joong-Happy-Birthday-EVENT) Now of course it is not only time for our oppa to get his gifts, but our winners as well :) The winners were selected based on a sum of the most LIKES, Comments, Views, Facebook/Twitter shares, and Clips. So the winners are... That little space made you wait right? ;) Drum roll please ^^ Grand Prize: Klau32 Consolation Prize: Spanish language: Ilovekimhyun Dayana07 didigomez1970 eipril lizzyKHJ karolita sarayese karinabackwards whatever kasandraKttana estefanyfs007 llhuizaarevalo caterineberaun Melanie Navia KimJudely Erika Konita English: Pratibha mestevacamacho AsianAlex belleselena lenie cutiepie Indonesian: Bee Happy Chatrien Vietnamese: soula81 khamHuongpasit Chinese: priscillalala French: isSOuislam Congratulations! Please send me your ID, name, cell phone and home address to ameliasantos10@yahoo.com before Jun 14th. Your information will be kept confidential and only sent to Vingle in order to send your gift. Please be sure to contact me before the due date;) P.S. When you receive your prizes be sure to share with all of us by uploading pictures :)
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