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There are so so so many things I want for Jackson.. and many things I would like him to do for the new year..But, lets just say a

#1.. I want you to be able or may be to learn to say no and considered yourself when you are dead tired and your boss wants you to rest but you want to continue.. I understand attitude is usually 110% and people like this do better then most but, sometimes you need to take a rest.

#2. I want you to take some of your advises to us for yourself..I really want you to eat more, I know you eat healthy but we dont want you so skinny. although, you are beautiful anyway. We LOVE you just the way you are.

#3. When traveling to other countries for schedules filming..can you guys suggest to have someone another member to go with you?. I really don't want you to be by yourself so long..may be getting schedule with Mark and BamBam will AmeriThaiKong thing? you have done it before.

#4.. And I know you love singing..I wish you can have more lines or longer, may be even a song..I know you will love that..well you have it but one that JYP would say YES! Jackson that I LIKE!!

I know you will be happy.

#5...well this is kind of personal.. Can you work on getting a Lead in a Kdrama or CDrama please...Like we are dying to see you in a drama..May be tell JYP to do Dream High 3 or something.. OMG!! I am fangirling already..and is just me making this up..LOL!!

#6 Rest, Sleep, have fun, spend time with Mom & Dad. meet your niece.. spent time with your Love one, if you know what I mean? lol.

And again. Be Happy..Like you said. "WE ONLY LIVE ONCE"

And Happy Anniversary to You and Mark.❤

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Royal squad

I think a solo album would be great for him, but it'll be more work though.🤔
yeah.. hopefully, who knows eventually..well JB will do this first then YoungJae..hehe Jackson? not sure yet. lol
I just want him to be healthy.
don't for get Cdramas too
Yes! also..😆😂
Aww those are all really great hopes for him.
@TaraJenner my wishful thinking 😆