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Hello, I'm Merryjayne and @VixenViVi has been so kind as to let me help support the SHINee community. Thank you so much @VixenViVi!
A little bit about me:
I'm shy until I'm comfortable, or if I'm listening to K-pop then I'm not so shy. It just makes me feel good *sings SHINee's feel good* I am a big dork, I also can act immature and mature when needed. I've been a fan girl my whole life and I see no sign of slowing down...
I am obsessed with one member of SHINee. Kim Kibum (KEY) I absolutely love the man. I don't remember exactly how it happened that I started looking at him more then the other members but I can never take my eyes off him well until the camera moves and focuses on the others.
He's my Ultimate Bias, not just in the group of SHINee but in all of K-pop! My daughter will ask me daily to see if this changes she'll pick a few of the others idols I like and actors too, and she hopes for the day that it will change when she's put Key into the mix, but so far he's still #1, I've told her once I have my heart set on a celeb unless they commit murder I will love and support them always. I mean Johnny Depp is still the most beautiful sexiest man alive in my book and I've loved him since I was 9.
I've been into K-pop for going on 4 years now and thanks to Super Junior and SHINee they are my babies. I refer to my favorites as my babies because I'm a noona and I want to take care of them (it's the mother in me).
Because I found K-pop at a time I was really depressed and sad it means everything to me, SHINee being the biggest group to bring me back to the light this group means everything to me I support them with everything and my whole heart!
Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee!
샤이니를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!
Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you! 😁
I'm a noona also, and I call SHINee and most other groups my babies...or my boys