BIGFLO HISTORY STELLAR They're my top 3 fave underrated groups and I honestly enjoy the music they come out with more than most popular groups. If any of them disbanded I'd cry a river!!! And many of their non title tracks are amazing!!!
HISTORY 1. Baby Hello 2. Wild Boy 3. Whenever
STELLAR 1. Insomnia 2. Take It All 3. Love Spell
BIGFLO 1. Call Ur Homie 2. When I Was Young 3. Turn Up The Music
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Shinhwa UNIQ NCT Why? Shinhwa are the ultimate sunbaes. They can be an example and a support to the other 2 groups. Uniq because they are all immensely talented in multiple areas, can promote in China and in Korea, can act, and have a long road ahead to gain the recognition they deserve. NCT because there are so many members, some not even placed in a unit yet, that can spawn more groups, collabs, are multi talented and multi lingual, can keep the Hallyu wave going along side the other 2. this is based not on just keeping them from disbanding, but imagining only 3 groups left in korea... 😨😨😨
I just got into liking History a couple months ago, and Kyungil stole the UB spot from VIXX's Leo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I really hope they don't disband. I would love to see more from them
dude im so excited for bigflos new members
same I'm ready for this CB and get to know the new members!