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Hello everyone! I'm going to be introducing our crazy beautiful Solar to you all today!
Her birth name is Kim Yong Sun Her positions are leader and main vocalist Her birthday is February 21, 1991 Her height 163 cm (5’4″) (Official) / 161 cm (Aprox. real height)* and her weight is 43 kg (95 lbs)
– She considers herself Mamamoo’s Mom – Is taking a Kumon language course in Japanese – Originally wanted to be a Flight Attendant – Stepped in for Ailee during Music Show performances of Geeks’ “Wash Away” – Was discovered by agency after singing for a free gift – Likes listening to Lil’ Wayne – She shares a room with Hwa Sa – Solar’s ideal type: “I like Simon D sunbaenim. I like hip-hop and when he raps, he’s so impressive and cool…so I feel like we could do something good together…music wise!” (Same Solar babe, Simon D is perfection)
Show our sweet Solar some love! I'm glad I could introduce this beautiful lady to you all!
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