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Come on now.... I thought for sure, someone would be on top of this. I searched Vingle and didn't find a single mention of this. (And if you have, please direct me to your card with a link in the comments and I apologize for not seeing it.) AllKpop Article

Kim Hyun Joong is going to be discharged next month from his military duties!! So exciting!

I remember when he left for the military and I can't believe I'm still here to enjoy his return. It's like, seeing your first kpop bf returning home, while still holding hands with the guys you've been spending every waking moment with for the past two years and feeling a bit guilty because you didn't exactly wait for him like you promised, or stood by his side when he was going thru a most difficult moment in his life. (I tried to find some good military photos, most of them looked like his face was whitewashed or photoshopped in.)
He had so many looks over the years, from flower boy to a tattooed bad boy.

Who's Ready For His Return???


Lucky Guy

My favorite but no mv for it... "Like Before"

SS501 "Love Ya" & "Deja Vu"

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I so am ready for his return 😊 i hope he gets all the rest and time he needs. 💗
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@Matokokepa true truee hopefully his son doesnt have to suffer any consequences, and gets to meet his dad.