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Please read xx before reading this! © to exobtssmutimagination WARNING. THIS IS SMUT, PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.
You held out your finger towards the door with the red cow above it. “Lust, lovely choice.” He whispered as he pushed you towards the door. Your hand was shaking as you grasped the doorknob. You slowly opened the door and felt a wave of heat against your body. You wished you had worn a shorter dress. You entered the room, and almost gasped. The walls were covered in flames. You couldn’t help but reach out and touch the flames. They didn’t hurt. The fire was simply numbing. You chuckled to yourself as you moved away from the fire and looked the actual room. There was nothing but a bed at the center of the room. The blanket on the bed was satin, and you could not fight the urge to approach the bed and place your hand on it. The satin felt so soft against your skin. “Welcome to the room of lust. Forever ablaze in flames as hot as you.” A deep voice whispered into your ear. You fell forward in shock and turned around to see a boy smiling over you. His rectangular smile caused you to feel ease, but there was something about the way his eyes grazed over your body that made you shudder You remained still on the bed, feeling your core getting hotter as you stared up at the boy. He flicked out his tongue, licking his bottom lip, as he leaned forward towards you. “What brings an angel like you to a sinful room line this?” He asked in his husky voice. The desire to pull him closer was building up inside of you. “E-escaping my troubles.” You whispered into the air, feeling the tension building around you both. He smirked when he heard this. Moving closer so his lips were barely touching yours. “Then let me help you escape.” He whispered, placing his hand on your thigh. “The names Taehyung.” Your breath caught in your throat as his name slipped from his lips to yours. “Taehyung,” You whispered back, letting his name echo between the two of you. Your hands rested on his chest, feeling his heat, along with the heat of the room, radiating to your body. Your eyes were locked with his, but this wasn’t who you were. You were not the type of person to hook up with the first person you saw. Especially not at a club like this. You pushed him away slightly. His grin widened, looking like that of a mischievous kitten. He took a seat beside you on the bed, turning his body slightly so he was facing you. “What kind of trouble are you escaping?” His voice was like butter as he spoke. You were unsure if he had meant it to sound as seductive as it did, but honestly, you were sure it was unconscious. You bit your lip, thinking if you wanted to lie or tell him the truth. After a moment of thinking, you decided that there was no point in lying to a stranger. “My boyfriend cheated on me and we broke up…” Your voice trailed off as you thought about it. The thought of his hands roaming over her body the way they had once moved over yours. Her name taking the place of your own as he groaned. And his hips, thrusting in the rhythm that you had become so in sync with. You shook your head, trying to keep the thought out of your mind. Taehyung sat back against the soft mattress and kept his eyes on you. Or rather, on your body. “You know, lust is more than just sex.” He said in a soft voice. His fingers tapped against your bare arm; crawling over it like a spider. “It can be the lust for knowledge, the lust for sex, or the lust for power. Even the lust for vengeance.” You hadn’t realized when he sat up until you heard his voice in your ear once again. You pulled away in surprise and turned to face him. His smile was gone and his eyes were hungry. He looked like a lion stalking his prey, but his body language was that of one that was playing with its food first. He moved closer to you. You didn’t dare back away, feeling the edge of the bed beside you already. He placed his hand on your hips again and pulled you towards him powerfully. You gasped at his strength, honestly surprised because of his outer appearance. His eyes held yours and his tongue slithered out of his lips once again, this time not flicking against his lips, but against yours. “Lust is a willfully allowed sin. We choose to do it. It cannot be forced on us, we must want it in order for it to be lust. It is pleasurable; giving you a high when you finally obtain whatever it is you lust for. Don’t you want to feel that high? Don’t you want to give into your desire? Feel what you have been dying to feel. Something you have not truly felt in a long time. Not just sex, but power. Feel wanted and yearned for.” He asked as his lips traveled down to your neck. He sprinkled kisses and love bites along your sensitive skin. You let out a shuddering breath, wanting nothing more than to feel what his sinful tongue could truly do. But this wasn’t right. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t change the person you were. But, you just wanted it so badly. Not just wanted, but needed it. Your stomach churned and knotted in a feeling similar to hunger, but not wanting food. No, you knew what you desired. What you really yearned for. You pushed him away from you, watching as he let his back press against the mattress. You straddled him, throwing one leg over him and hiking your dress up so it was around your waist. He smiled at you, placing his hand on your chest. You took his hands in yours and pushed them up so they were beside his head and he was unable to touch you. He was right. You wanted more than just sex. You wanted the power. You hungered for it. He let you take control, not fighting as you began to grind your hips against his. You felt your core getting hotter and wetter as his member grew beneath you. You let go of his hands, letting them return to your chest as you reached down and undid his dress pants. His member sprang out quickly; freed from its prison and seeking your warmth. You took it in your hand, teasing him at first as you slowly moved your hand up and down, painfully slow. He bit his lip, letting out a soft whining sound. You wanted to know that he wanted it. You wanted him to lust for you as much as you were lusting for him. His fingers trailed from your covered chest to your mound, pushing the thin fabric to the side so he could feel just how badly your body wanted his. You moaned as his thin fingers pressed against your sex. You moved your hips against his touch, loving the feeling as his digits slipped between your folds. You understood what he meant by the sexual high you received from receiving what you wanted. But it wasn’t enough. You needed more. You wanted to fall further down the rabbit hole of sin. You moved your hand faster, rubbing his member as quickly as you wanted his fingers to move inside of you. He obeyed your silent command, moving his fingers expertly and rubbing your swollen nub of nerves with the tip of his thumb. “Ah, Taehyung.” You choked out as you felt your first orgasm approaching. But you wanted more than just this one orgasm. Your hips slowed as you exploded over his fingers, groaning his name as he pulled them out. You placed his tip against your entrance. He was happy to take over the rest, lusting for the power that you had. He turned you around quickly and hovered over you. His wicked grin was back and he began to press into you. You held in a moan as he entered you, flicking his hips without any patience or letting you adjust. But it didn’t feel painful. You didn’t even notice. All you cared about was getting what you wanted. His hips thrusted into your faster than you thought possible and felt your heart racing. Your breathing quickened. Your head was spinning but you didn’t want it to end. You wanted it all so badly. You moved your hips with his, feeling you both lose rhythm as your orgasms approached. His sporadic thrusts drove you over the edge, your vision going white for a moment as you felt your climax rip through you. He continued to grind his hips against yours still, climaxing as well and groaning into your ear. He kissed your neck as he pulled out of you, but you tried your best to wrap your legs around his hips. You wanted more of the pleasure. Your whole body yearned for it. But he continued to pull away from you. He smiled down at you, staring at your hungry eyes with just as hungry ones. “You will never be able to truly satisfy your lust, my dear little angel. But it is nice to see that I was able to give you a bit of a high.” He said as he fixed his clothes and touched the flames on the wall with the tips of his fingers; looking like a sexy demon. “Welcome to the Garden of Evil.” His deep voice rumbled through your ears, head, and down to your core; heating it up quickly. You moved towards him, but he just backed away. He was just out of reach. You could feel the knot in your stomach returning as your desire grew. You needed to feed your hunger for him, but he was vanishing right before your eyes. You returned to the bed, hoping that perhaps he would join you, but turned around to see that the room was once again empty as it had been when you first entered the room.