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here we go everyone this card is the start of it all im gonna explain how this collection will work and how each and every member can participate
4 times a week I'll post in this collection with a specific tea flavor or item being the main revolution around it
there's gonna be set day in the week where we I post certain things mondays- intro to the flavor/item wednesday- I'll give you a brief run down of the item or flavors history or the companies history if it's a company specific friday- Friday is a fun day we'll focus on preparation and specializing the unique flavor or utilizing the item we're focusing on satueday- this day is gonna be a free day were we all talk about the teas we love and items we use and I'll take requests on what should be focused on for the next week so don't be shy and speak up people I'm nice and everyone else here is too
and that's about it now on this card yall can make suggestions on how I should alter our week plan and I'll be taking suggestions on what are 1st item should be so thanks for following guys
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and I'm just gonna warn you guys I'm gonna be hesitate in doing teas with cinnamon or spice cause I don't do cinnamon or spice