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Hello MooMoos and hopefully soon to be MooMoos. Welcome to the first group card of the quarter!

Who is Mamamoo?

Mamamoo debuted June 18th , 2014 with the song Mr. Ambiguous. They are under Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) (used to be WA entertainment) They're labelmates with Esna, Basick, Vromance, and more.
Mamamoo is a vocal group made up of four members: Kim Yongsun (Solar)- Leader and main vocalist Jung Wheein (WheeIn)- lead vocalist and lead dancer Moon Byuli (Moonbyul)- Main Rapper and main dancer Ahn Hyejin (Hwasa) - Maknae, Lead rapper, and Lead Vocalist
Some of the New Year's Resolutions for the girls that I wish happen : They stay healthy and happy and not to overwork themselves. They have more people support them and continue to grow. Finally , I really hope that they continue to push against Norms and be themselves. (Also for myself I hope to see a collaboration with Vromance)
So that was my introduction for Mamamoo sorry if it was horrible I'm not good at Introductions. Some things to look forward to on Tuesdays : Games, Memes, Videos and Pictures, and a contest (yes a contest!)
Yes there will be a contest it is a fanart contest! Anyone can participate. It has to be Mamamoo related and there will be 3 winners (who will get prizes!) More information on the contest will be posted next Tuesday!
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